Make Time.

make time


  1. is snowing out here…….intensly quiet serene and calm, yep what better day er night to make time than now,thanks fer the reminder 🙂 . Q

    1. Sounds nice Quark. I sometimes miss the nighttime snow… I lived in the country in NY and I loved walking at night… When the snow almost looked lit up, and crunched and squeaked under my boots.

  2. yes about the snow. it quiets everything and everybody down. I love it. And yes, we create the lives we live, either by intention of default. It’s always our choice. Great quote !

    1. It is peaceful right after a new snowfall… Until it has to be shoveled!

  3. Basically PATIENCE is the key here, which most of us in this hi-speed fast-food world do not have, myself included. Great post.

    1. Thanks- And I agree.

  4. Are you the maker of these photos?

    1. I create the Doug the monkey photos and drawings. The inspirational posts I share are found on social media… I try to find ones that sum up my day, or tie in with a post I wrote earlier… Facebook is full of great quotes that are shared and reshared…

  5. Thanks, Doug, Keep up the good work. I need the encouragement these days.

    1. Thanks for reading. I’m glad we can help a bit.

  6. love your posts.

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