Connect With Your True Self Series

Connect With Your True Self will address various topics that aim to guide you to better understanding of yourself. Creativity, imagination and our inner landscape will be explored. Spirituality will be covered as well…

Wait! I’m (fill in the blank) and I’m uncomfortable with other religions

I’ve been interested in religion my whole life, and have studied many of the major and fringe offerings. This series isn’t about religion. It’s about the common factors that make us human. No matter what religion, or lack of, that you subscribe to, these posts will be useful to you.

Creativity and imagination are key to any spiritual practice, as well as getting to know yourself better. Both will be explored and played with as we dig in to what makes us who we are, and why we believe what we do. We all share a common thread that makes us human.

Doug connecting with his true self.

Doug connecting with his true self.

We all have an inner world in which we live… an inner “us”. Many people are not in touch with this inner landscape, and it influences their life without them realizing it.

We’ll be doing exercises to explore this inner world, and get to know who lives there.

We usually present different aspects of ourselves in public and in different situations.

Connect With Your True Self is an attempt to unify all of these separate selves into one true persona. We all need to accept ourselves and be honest about who we really are. In doing this, we can view ourselves, others and the world with honesty and a smile…

Connect With Your True Self Exercises

1- Introduction.

2- True Self? What? How?


3- Imagination Leads To Your True Self.

4- Why Do You Starve Your Imagination?

5- Why Is Imagination Important?

6- Allowing Things To Be.

7- Visualization Must Be Practiced.

8- Senses, Food And Imagination.

9-Creating Reality Through Imagination.

Going Inwards

10- Relaxation Is Key When Connecting With Your True Self.

11- Turning Inward For Answers.

12- Meeting Your True Self.

13-Find A Path Inwards.

14-Who And What Is In There?

15- The Benefits Of Knowing Your True Self.

Spirit Bodies

16-Our Spirits Connect Us.

17- Sensing The Extent Of Ourselves.

18-See Yourself.

19- Know Yourself.

20-Connecting With Nature To Change Your Emotional State.

21- Spirit Body Boundaries.

22- Clearing Your Spirit Body.

23- Keep Yourself Grounded.

24- Cultivating Neutrality In Life.

Nature And You

25 Getting In Touch With Physical Reality.

26- Be Like A Stone.

27- Accessing The Power Of Animals.

28- Finding Your Spirit Animal.

29- Plants have Spirits Too.

30- Getting To Know Plants.

31- The Spiritual Qualities Of The Elements.

32- Meeting The Elements.

Time And The Present

33- Time Is relative.

34- Stretching Time.

35- Time Can Pass Quickly If You’re Not Careful.

36- Looking Towards The Future.

37- Improving Yourself With Found Knowledge.

Change- Destruction And Creation

38- Destruction And Creation Are Inseparable.

39- Reconstruct Yourself (After You Destroy Yourself).

40- Simplify And Declutter Your Life.

41- Destroy Your Beliefs And Create New Ones For Yourself.

42- Examine Your Beliefs.

43- Burn Up Your Old Beliefs.

44- Examine Your Habits.


  1. Hey John, would you be interested in being interviewed for a series I’m doing?

    If so, I can send you a link to a short survey of questions, and your responses will be the basis of the published interview.

    Let me know!

    1. Hey Sandra- Sure, I’d love to do an interview! Let me know what I have to do.

      1. Cool! I’ll send you a link to a survey with questions you can answer. Those responses will be published on the blog.

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  7. Love your blog and the topics!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for sharing yours! It’s truly unique and the pictures made me smile! Looking forwarding to reading more of it 🙂

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