Create Worthwhile Thoughts.



  1. Great post! That’s what it’s all about…control over our thoughts 🙂

    1. So Agreed Joe 🙂 Bout da only things i have found i can have any control over is my “brain” and me 🙂 and well my dogzzzz…forget the kats and the wo man! LoL 🙂 or anyother struggling soul who don’t really want to help themselves , all we can do is forgive and forget the bad past and move on, move forward without hesitation” is my motto of the year this 2014 ,,have a great onbe Q

    2. Exactly Joe- Easier said than done, but worth mastering… I’m working on that. I’m NOWHERE near a master of my thoughts, but I keep trying.

  2. Yeppurzzzzzzzz 🙂 so agreed ,,,,,,, thoughts frum others can stay on the bakery shelf ! especially those that are like a slice of bread cut up into a buncha different id’s and personalities for different reason,,,,,oh well huh! ..peace out ,,worth while hope fully is not worthwhile on a negative parameter also 🙂 peace out sir john ! 🙂 malestrum hugz to doug LoL :)… Q

    1. We can only worry about ourselves Q… That’s enough, at least for me! We can’t change others, all we can do is offer an example by how we are… Doug ran when he saw the word hug…

  3. like a LOAF of Bread that is …all Sliced UP! 🙂

  4. Can thoughts really be controlled? If so, never totally…

    1. I believe they can be… It takes conscious effort though. Unexamined thoughts lead to all kinds of trouble for the thinker.

  5. Amen WordPress Pal, the title above is worth at least a million worthwhile thoughts,,,neat, clean title thank you for your courage to express yourself sincerely g

    1. Thanks Gregory- I’m happy you find my blog useful.

      1. You bet Doug, glad you are posting…greg

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  7. Savannah Hendricks · · Reply

    So true and also, for me so hard. But I’m working hard on focusing on this more and more to make it true for me.

    1. That’s they key- keep working at it, even when it’s difficult. You’ll achieve whatever you want with perseverance…

  8. jjwalters · · Reply

    My thoughts are all I have left!

    1. And thanks for sharing them Jim,

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