Monthly Archives: September 2013

Monkeys To The Rescue!

It’s a great feeling to finally know what you want to be when you grow up. It took me 42 years, but I think I’m ready to move out of Mom’s basement (just kidding, my mom has passed on to monkey Nirvana, and she didn’t have a basement). At the rate I’m going, I should […]

Make A Decision And Run!

Looking back and introspection are valuable for discovering why we think and act like we do. Who we are was determined by the input of others and our own thoughts. Paths we traveled in life were chosen using a faulty and incomplete sense of self. Doug and I were going through life on autopilot. we […]

Doug At Work.

Doug is busy working on artsy stuff for our blog…

Be Brave, Little Monkey.

Following your path is frightening as much as it is exciting. Using your skills and talents to improve your life takes determination and courage. Everyone has a talent that they can be using to live a happier, fulfilled life. But it’s easier to sit back and dream about “one day” when everything will be better, […]

Am I Going In The Right Direction?

Monkeys are not known for being systematic and organized. Anyone who poops in their hand to throw it at a frustration clearly has not thought the process through… It’s time to review what we’re learned about ourselves and our desires. There’s more work to be done, but a bit of pulling together and distilling of […]

THIS Is Who I Am

We know what we aren’t and what we don’t want to do. We’ve cleared out all of the critical negative programming and left room for the real us. So, Who are we and what do we want to do? The empty space that used to be filled by the inner critic will now be filled […]

What Do You Desire?

We’re going to be moving on to the next phase of finding our path in life. This is a thought provoking 3 minute video in which Alan Watts gets to the heart of what we’re doing here. There are no monkeys doing handstands, but it’s still pretty good… Ready to rewire your mind? Let’s do […]

Criticism Isn’t You.

How do you feel after the last  exercises about the inner critic and the exterior critics? If you’re like Doug and me, you’re miffed that all this baggage has had a hand in shaping your self image. These unconscious ideas were planted by others into our young fertile minds. After awhile, we became our own […]

To The Other Critics (Yes You).

Doug and I felt good telling our inner critic exactly how we feel. We thought if doing it once feels good, doing it twice will be three times better (monkeys aren’t great at math).  There are lots of people who held us back in the past. Others have purposely or maybe unintentionally undermined our dreams […]

I’ll Show You!

Doug and I feel a great deal of relief now that we realize that much of what’s holding us back originates inside our own heads. This is something that can be changed. We looked at the picture of our inner critic and decided to write him a letter. Our inner negativity needs to know that […]