Don’t Doubt…



  1. Very wise words! I shared it on my Facebook page too. I am enjoying your blog very much 🙂

  2. Do Believe in your Dreams!

  3. nO DOUBT YES INDEED!!!!!!!!!

  4. That was a damn good saying, had to tweet it.

    1. I like it too. Thanks for sharing it Charley.

  5. Self-limiting beliefs are what, for years, disallowed me from leading a healthy life, kept me from accepting full responsibility for my decisions and frightened me from even attempting to move towards realizing my potential in anything and those are just a few of the demon-children spawned by doubt.
    You are familiar with my story, John, and know what it is like to fear the possibility that lies within. In this life of accountability, of self-awareness, of courage we find what is necessary to live a life moving forward.
    Thank you for sharing this my friend.

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