Turning Inward For Answers.

Happiness is inward, and not outward; and so, it does not depend on what we have, but on what we are. ~Henry Van Dyke

We have the answers, if we listen

We all have questions-about life, our motives, our needs, not to mention questions about others. How do you answer the questions that pop up every day during the course of being human?

Do you ask others, or look for solutions in a book or online? Why? Who knows you and your situation better than yourself? That’s right, no one.

Looking for answers outside of yourself is giving away your personal power. It’s better to answer questions by turning inward, reflecting on the issue and arriving at a solution using your own insight and thoughts.

Create an opening through which to meet your inner self.

Create an opening through which to meet your inner self.

Our inner selves are aware more aware of what’s going on than the selves we use to interact with daily life.

We take in a huge amount of data through our senses, but just a fraction of it rises to our conscious self.

Much of our life is done on auto pilot, but that doesn’t mean our inner self functions this way.

Our brain processes all sensory input. What better way is there to solve a problem than to access some of this stored data? To me, there isn’t a better way. I’d rather rely on myself than give the power to someone else to interpret my life.

Below is an exercise that will help us open up a path to reach our inner self. We’ll imagine an  opening and make it real by using our senses to give it life. This will be the door we use to access our inner selves…


In our last post, Doug and I shared an exercise to help reach a relaxed state. Follow these steps now, and get relaxed!

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and ask yourself the question. Imagine an opening in the earth that you’re familiar with… It can be a cave opening, a hole in a tree, a pool of water or an animal burrow. Create a mental image of this opening. Try to see all the details that make it unique-texture, color, light reflection.

Imagine yourself entering the opening. Don’t worry if it’s small… You can fit into it. Enter the opening and look around. You’re in a tunnel…

What does it look like? Are the walls smooth or rough? Does it slope sharply, gradually or not at all?

Explore the opening… How does it smell? Is it warm or cool? Breezy,wet, or dry? walk through it and create a clear mental image of this jump off point.

This will be where you imagine each journey to your inner self. Get comfortable with it. Flesh out the details. make it a reassuring and safe place.

Become comfortable with your thoughts

This opening to our inner self is a very personal creation… No one will have the same opening as you. We create it by drawing on our past, what we value and what feels comfortable to us.

If you’re artistic, create an image of your opening… If you’re better with words, write a description of it. Visit your creation often… Go there to recharge after a stressful day. It’s your personal retreat, and will become the jumping off point for your inner explorations.

Appreciate your creativity… You made this all on your own.

Next- Meet Your True Self.


  1. GREAT! The practice of meditation is for this: To know what’s really going on inside, and while you’re in there, the greatest question you can ask is: Who AM I? 🙂

    1. Yes… I’m attempting to present these ideas in an easy and nonthreatening way, so that those who’ve never done it can follow along.

  2. Thanks for this post. Very helpful 🙂

    1. I’m glad you found it useful.

  3. John, you are crushing it here.
    Your thoughts, creativity and method of delivery are second to none.
    With that said, it is true that I catch myself living life on auto-pilot and pushing myself to maintain self-awareness is crucial to a life in forward movement. I am looking forward to using this exercise for continued introspection and learning about all the crazy that you know rattles up in my dome.
    Be well John!

    1. Thanks Glenn- I think we all are guilty of living on autopilot… It takes a conscious effort to remain present, not to mention how hard it is to do! I’ m trying though…

  4. John, as ever, a wonderful quote, and a wonderful post… Yes, I am also living on ‘autopilot’, but try keeping the knowledge learnt very present in my heart so my mind can follow.. Magical things still happen even living on ‘autopilot’ by just keeping very connected with the source.. Yes, going inwards and listening to our divine being, who has all the answers….
    (P.S. Sorry John that I cannot keep up with all your post, but I am still following.. 🙂 xx

    1. Hi Gloria- I’m glad you liked it.I enjoy sharing all of the great quotes I find online. Thanks for sticking with me… I value your readership.

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