A Day Of Visualizing Our Dreams.

Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blue print, and begin to build. ~Robert Collier

Doug got a little out of hand downtown today...

Doug got a little out of hand downtown today…

We spent the afternoon in St. Augustine, FL today, visualizing what we wish our lives to be like. Since the first time I visited St. Augustine over thirty years ago, I’ve wanted to live there. The past fifteen years I’ve lived 1/2 to an hour away… Close enough to visit often, but not close enough to fulfill my dream.

Today, my wife and I walked through town with the intention of fixing in our minds exactly what we want… Living in the historic section of St. Augustine. We’re not clear on the how yet. What’s important is setting a goal.  We now have a clear idea in our minds… something to hang our efforts and dreams on.

It was the perfect Fall day to walk around and mentally create our future. Too bad Doug got out of hand and went all Godzilla on the bayfront… I can’t take that monkey anywhere…


  1. Nothing wrong with going all Godzilla like. Maybe he is saying you should go all Godzilla like on that dream. 🙂 Love your blog.

    1. We’re planning to! Thanks for reading…

  2. So important to make try to make those concrete plans for what you want. Good for you! Our minds have this knack, once we set an achievable concrete goal, of searching for and being open to opportunities to make it happen. Wishing you the best in your pursuit. I visited St. Augustine once while staying at my brother’s in Jacksonville. It is pretty awesome. I will never forget it because we stopped in a little place, think it was called Mi Casa Cafe or something and had a couple beers. There was a guy playing music and we started talking with him in between songs. After awhile he asked me if I played, and I told him yes. He asked me to come up and play a song with him. We played Lightning Crashes by Live and it was one of the coolest experiences of my life.

    Thanks for your blog. It’s great to have a positive voice reminding me of things like this. 🙂

    1. I realizing this… Without goals it’s too easy to spin our wheels and get nowhere. Thanks for the well wishes.

      Mia Casa Cafe is a great little place, right on St. George Street. We’ve actually heard their regular musician perform “Lightening Crashes” recently, as we were walking by. We stopped and listened. I don’t know what the musician’s name is, but he’s very good…

  3. Visualisation has been a powerful tool in my own box. Effectiveness of this technique only requires us to DIE.


    Thats a beautiful dream of a beautiful place. Its cold here in England i might even join that wonderful monkey in a new appartment block.

    1. Hey Glenn- I like the DIE acronym… I’ll have to keep that in mind. St. Augustine is a beautiful town… and beautiful weather yesterday. Doug flattened all the apartments though…

  4. Great post! Feels like such a good time to be creating dreams and bringing them into our reality doesn’t it? I’m dreaming and focusing and creating too. And Doouuggg. Hahahaha!

    1. Thanks! Yes, it seems like there’s unlimited growth available to us, if we just decide what we want. It’s all very exciting…

  5. I am so pleased you visited West Seventh Freelance…after a year of wandering, thinking, experimenting, I feel as if I am in a scary hole- unemployed and insecure about what I have to offer. YIKES! I look forward to reading your posts and taking the journey with Doug.

    PS. I saw St. Augustine for the first time last Thanksgiving and loved it…there is an artist there who makes amazing pieces put of the material used in surf boards…

    1. It is scary to be unemployed… Look at it as a new beginning, and think of all the exciting possibilities that will present themselves.

      Thanks for stopping by our blog. I hope you can find some inspiration from my naughty and contrarian monkey…

      St. Augustine is full of wonderful art and great artists. I’m familiar with the surfboard pieces… interesting stuff. On the first Friday of each month the galleries in town stay open late for the Gallery Walk. It’s a lot of fun,with cheese, wine and new shows hung.

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