Mindset Matters.

 I truly believe in positive synergy, that your positive mindset gives you a more hopeful outlook, and belief that you can do something great means you will do something great.~Russell Wilson

Letting Synchronicity Happen
Doug reaches a dangerous conclusion...

Doug reaches a dangerous conclusion…

I’ve been taking a break to evaluate my life and where I want to go from here. I’ve set aside my series Connect With Your True Self for a bit and have been living life in the now…

It’s been a refreshing break! I started this blog with the intention of making a living online. So far that hasn’t happened. I’ve been so busy creating content that I kind of forgot about the need to make money.

Most of my troubles lately have been me worrying about all the time I’ve used creating this blog and not putting any effort into income generation.

This has been possible since I’ve been on temporary disability since my shoulder surgery. But, I’m about to be thrown out of the nest of workers comp and will have to fly on my own…

I’ll be alright for a while… It’s time for me to get serious about generating income though. I certainly don’t want to have to take another job I hate to pay the bills.

I feel fortunate, when I look at the situation and where it’s led me so far, that I was injured and forced to change my life.

I allowed myself to accept my situation and chose to see it in a positive light. This is a beginning, not an end! this week I’ve returned to my gratitude practice and rid myself of any negativity that tried to creep into my thoughts.

Changes began to happen immediately. Life became brighter again. As I allowed myself to be happy and positive I started to appreciate all the good around me…

After a few days I began forming a clearer idea of where I want to go from here. As soon as I started thinking about this in a positive way I was contacted by a reader privately. They offered to help me make progress towards my goal of earning a living doing what I love- creating stuff and helping people…

While this is all in the beginning stages I’m excited about the opportunities I see and by the generosity that’s been extended to me. The guidance offered is just what I needed at this moment… That’s how synchronicity works though.

We really do get back what we put out. I don’t know why that’s so hard for me to remember sometimes. It’s too easy to get dragged down to the small view of everyday problems and forget about the big ideas and plans.

I’m not going t o let this happen anymore… Life is wonderful if you choose to see it as such…



  1. so, too,,, another relative to my day an life blog…on same path here…an if we really do get back what we put in then , well, Landslide a coming! hopefully a good one 🙂 take care have a great day! Q

    1. Get ready for your landslide! I’m told this is how life works… I’ll let you know if and when I have proof of it…

  2. suziecfisher · · Reply

    I have always believed in the power of positive being. If I smile at a stranger they almost always smile back. It makes us both feel good!

    1. I agree. And then they’ll probably pass it on to another… It’s like the smile flu.

  3. What a great reminder! My Dad always told me, “Life is what you make it.” But I think we all forget that sometimes.

    1. I think we forget,or at least I do. I woke up kind of grumpy today but I consciously changed my mood…

  4. I agree, life is wonderful if you chose to see it like that and when we do, magical things happen… great news John… I am sure It’s going to be fine..x

    1. Thanks Gloria- I just have to keep remembering to see life for the gift that it is, instead of a struggle or an obstacle…

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