Signs, Omens And Guideposts.

Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don’t bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!~Bob Marley

While Walking In The Woods…

After my post about my dark night of the soul, I realized that something was wrong with how I was approaching life recently. I spent the weekend away from my blog and opened myself up to answers from beyond myself…

I walk in the nature preserve next to my house for health, both physical and spiritual. So Sunday I set out with the intention of being open to signs of guidance.

I think it came from a hawkadactyl...

I think it came from a hawkadactyl…

It wasn’t long before I found the feather… it was laying in my path as soon as I headed into the trees.

Finding a feather means that someone from beyond is trying to communicate with you. It’s usually seen as a sign of encouragement.

This wasn’t just any feather though. It’s from a hawk and it’s HUGE! It’s the largest hawk feather I’ve seen.

Now, a giant feather is a pretty good sign by itself, but that isn’t where the meaning is for me… My mother loved hawks.

My Mother was a Hawk person. She collected feathers and obviously had Hawk as her spirit animal. Everyone associated her with the bird.

She passed almost four years ago. At her memorial service at a different nature preserve (she loved it there) a hawk flew in and sat on a branch for a long time and watched everyone.

It was a clear message that my Mother was there with us, and my whole family acknowledged it as such…

So, to find a giant hawk feather as soon as I go out looking for a message is a pretty big deal for me… It’s nice to know my Mom is still trying to tell me what to do!

I’m Not Moving Two Legs
A slithery sign in my path.

A slithery sign in my path.

This morning I headed out for my walk after my daughter left for school. It’s warm here in Florida but the nights are still cool.

As I headed into the preserve I came upon a small garter snake stretched out across my path. He wouldn’t move.

I leaned in close and snapped a picture of him… Still no movement. He was alive but chose to stay in my path. I stepped over him and headed into the preserve.

He was gone when I came back…

Snake as a spirit animal appears and offers guidance in healing, life changes and transformation.

I’m taking this as another clear sign! It appears I’m not alone during this uncertain time in my life.

I knew this already… I just forgot. Nature is the medium through which I interact with the spirit world and the signs were provided for me.

Support came from many of you readers as well. The encouragement I received is appreciated and has been helpful in getting me moving again. Thank you…

Read The Signs

Look for signs in your life that are there to guide or encourage you. They’re there… Maybe you just don’t recognize them.

Not everyone will have a giant feather and a snake. Look for meaningful coincidences that speak to you. Those are your signs because there is no such thing as coincidence…




  1. This post makes me smile! I’m so happy you received your signs! Thank you for sharing your journey. I am also looking for signs and your story here encourages me to keep listening and staying open to them. 🙂

    1. They’re everywhere, and will keep appearing in different ways until we acknowledge them. I’m glad I noticed the snake.. The next step might have been finding him in my bed!

      1. Haha!! Yikes! That would not be good. I’m enjoying looking out for signs, mine have been coming as words and the word “Begin” has woken me up a few times now. . .

  2. You are so lucky to live next to a nature preserve! Many blessings, Pam

    1. Hey Pam- I do feel fortunate to live where I do… I never see anyone else when I’m walking in the preserve… It’s like it’s my extended yard.

  3. Yes, I do not believe in coincidence !!!

  4. I just want to say Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome!

  5. Oh! John, I am glad I just stopped (I am at work!) for a moment to read this post (I am so behind reading your site!!!), as I found it extraordinary, and I do not beleive in coincidence either… I am sure I am missing the signs constantly, and you just reminded me to look out for them… Thanks..x

    1. Don’t worry, they’ll keep appearing until you pay attention to them. I’ve found that the messages are persistent…

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