Stretching Time.

Ambition has one heel nailed in well, though she stretch her fingers to touch the heavens~ Lao Tzu

Thought Exercises To Perceive Time Differently

Doug used to let time slip through his paws…

As we stated in our last post, time is relative. Sometimes it passes quickly and sometimes slowly.

This is because time is a construct of our three dimensional world.

Like everything else that exists here, our awareness and intentions change reality, and this includes time.

We can do some exercises, or thought experiments, to see how much influence we have over the flow of time.

I realize we can’t stop it or even slow it down as depicted in movies such as the Matrix, but we do have control over our own perception.

We exercise this control unconsciously all the time. That’s why today seemed to pass in an hour for me, at home and puttering around, and probably seemed to take a week to pass for my daughter who was at school all day…

Dream Are Accelerated Time

When we dream actual time passes much slower than our dream time. Dreams last anywhere from five to forty five minutes each. Much happens in this short amount of time in our dreams though. What takes five minutes in “real” time can last for days in dream time.

I’m not sure what cause this distortion in time. Maybe it’s because our dreams take place in a different reality and not just in our imaginations… Maybe it is just our imaginations and our ability to alter the flow of time isn’t hindered by our awake selves. Whatever the reason, dreams are proof that our perceptions don’t always align with three dimensional reality.


Try to remember your dreams for a few nights. It may be helpful to keep some paper and a pen near your bed to record your dreams as soon as you wake up. Pay close attention to how time seems to pass in your dreams. It may not even exist in certain ones…

After a few days, take a look at your dream log and see what your dreams have in common. Do they span a great amount of time, just a short segment of a day or a combination?

Become familiar with time passing at different speeds in your dreams. Dreams are as real as our three dimensional physical world. We allow ourselves more control in our dreams because unconsciously we feel they aren’t real… They are, and so is your ability to control the flow of time in them…

Next time we’ll look at contracting time and follow that with mental time traveling… Get ready to move quickly… and slowly…


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  1. yep yep and yup 🙂 ……. an so.dream on… live ur dreams… zippa de do daaaa……….whooohoooooooo…wheee.say dougy……lol…………

  2. Interesting post, in particular, interested to try the exercise… thanks!

    1. Thanks- Let me know hw it goes for you.

  3. I once saw a shaman and after our session, what is usually a 40 minute drive home, was accomplished in 6 minutes! Now this is an unusual occurrence, however, I did notice, after that, that if I truly focused on the task at hand and did not let my mind wander, time could be stretched to the degree that I could accomplish more!

    I do not usually tell my shaman story and here I have told the internet. OOPS!

    1. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s fitting that you shared it. Much of what I’ve been writing about lately comes from insights I’ve gained being a shamanic practitioner… I try to present my ideas in a way that resonate with others, no matter their spiritual or religious path… But it comes from my study of shamanism and the discoveries I’ve made.

      1. Interesting that your background and your post had to do with the stretching of time.

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