Create Useful Things.



To go along with our post from earlier today… Who needs more of what we DON’T Want?


  1. GREAT ! Anything you put your attention on you are LOVING! AND sending that message to the Universe. Even if you put your attention on something you think is for a good cause, but in protest, you are still fighting – you against me. Fighting is fighting and the time for that is over. You are still in fighting mode and sending fear of losing and “you against me” or “duality” out to the Universe. We DO create our own realities – literally. CHOOSE who and what you want in your life and send THAT message out to the Universe. The Universe ADORES you, but does NOT second guess you. You will get right back at ‘cha whatever vibration you send out !

    1. You’re right. It’s so easy to slip back into the lower vibrations of fear and worry. You would think we’d all be tired of that old paradigm… But apparently not. I spend all day reading and writing about changing, bettering oneself and being positive, and I still succumb to the negativity sometimes…

  2. oooooh i love this!

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  4. Thoughts are things.

    Very powerful.

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