Monkeys To The Rescue!

It’s a great feeling to finally know what you want to be when you grow up. It took me 42 years, but I think I’m ready to move out of Mom’s basement (just kidding, my mom has passed on to monkey Nirvana, and she didn’t have a basement). At the rate I’m going, I should hit middle age somewhere around 84, and easy into elderlyhood (yes, I made the word up) at the young age of 152…


Courtesy of Helping Hands Monkey Helpers.

Courtesy of Helping Hands Monkey Helpers.

In our last post, Doug and I proclaimed that we intend to be guides and healers, with the motto ” Have fun, create stuff, solve problems and help others”. We think many of our generation, and some of you oldsters too (and we won’t even get into you young monkeys…) have lost your path in life, or never even found it. Doug and I expended massive amounts of effort to break through or barriers, get down to the real us, and wrestle with what we found.We think we can help others do the same thing… Those who feel lost, unfulfilled, and empty. If we can find our own direction, we can help anyone find theirs. This blog is step one in our plan…

Doug came up with some questions to ask ourselves about the talent of healer/guide. We interviewed ourselves and wrote down our answers… Here’s what we discovered:

  • What can I gain by developing this talent and pursuing it as my path in life?-I will gain a purpose. I can exercise your desire to help others who are as lost as you were. I can will gain an independent livelihood. Contentment will be mine.
  • What could I lose by letting this into my life?- I’ll lose nothing of value. I may lose the ability to blame others for your failings.. That isn’t much of a loss though. That should actually be written down in the gain column.
  • Is my heart in this pursuit?- Yes. I want to guide others who are lost in life’s jungle.
  • What action am I willing to take to develop this path?- Step one is this blog. Step two is continuing to study different theories and practices about healing, self help and positive visualization… I will continue to read everything I can get my paws on about personal development and helping others.
  • How do I feel right now about this decision?- It feels as if life is clicking in to place. My path has emerged from the weeds.
  • What fear do I hold on to about this decision?- I still fear failure. I’m afraid this may not work out and I’ll be knocked down into the dirt… Maybe I won’t be able to make a living. Maybe I’ll be pulled back down, and forget how it feels to have direction…

I hesitated about asking the last question about fear. It is still there but not nearly as powerful as it was in the beginning. Doug and I have hit on to something that resonates with us here. We’re able to be creative, have fun, make stuff and help people. This is a new feeling for us, but we feel we can’t fail because this is what we’re supposed to be doing…


Ask yourself some questions about the talent and path you decided to pursue. Work out how you feel as you get ready to take your first step on the path to contentment. Ask yourself the following questions, think for a bit about them, and write down your answers…

  • Is your heart in this?
  • What can you gain by pursuing this talent and/or path in life?
  • What can you lose by allowing these changes to occur?
  • What action are you willing to take to develop this talent or path?
  • How do you feel about your decision?
  • What fear do you still hold on to concerning this decision?
  • What results do you hope to see after making this decision?

Doug and I want to be helper monkeys. We feel we’ve stumbled onto the path meant for us. We want to have fun, swing from trees, scream a lot, create and guide… Our fears have fallen away… How about you?

Still scared? Keep reading!

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