When I’m Big- Part 2.

space penguinWe grabbed our list of baby monkey dreams that we compiled in the last post and took a good look at it. Some of the things on the list actually became jobs when we got older. Other dreams on the list withered and died on the vine. This is normal and healthy. If you wanted to be a penguin astronaut when you were five, you would be disappointed in your job prospects as an adult… Not to mention how horrifying  your living conditions would be…

I compared the list with what I’ve actually done if life. Anything on the list that I did for a living (past or present) got a virtual high five. This left the things on my list that I didn’t do. Looking closer, I asked myself why I didn’t follow this particular path. I thought about it, and wrote out an explanation stating why this dream never materialized. My list now looks like this:

Artist: Did it! (Visual Display, Bronze caster, Set builder, Freelance sculptor). High five!

Armyman: Nope. I lost interest as I got older.I didn’t join the military. I was scared. Armyman was never a serious consideration.

Home Builder: Sorta did it. The family business was custom home building. I can use a hammer…

Game Store/Hobby Shop Owner: Nope. I didn’t know how. I didn’t have the money. I was afraid.

Blackbelt: Not professionally. I did  take Tae Kwon Do as a kid. Purple belt monkey…

Ninja: No. There’s no market for assassins who use swords, in spite of what the 80s told us. I could have pursued ninjutsu  as a martial art I suppose, but I lost interest. Plus, there were no ninja masters looking for students in my neighborhood.

Architect: Nope. I took mechanical drawing in high school. There was too much math. I would need to expend too much effort, so I gave up.

Priest: No. I ended up liking girls too much. I didn’t want to commit to a vow of celibacy. I lost faith as I got to be an adult anyway. And, I was scared…

So much for monkey dreams. Where do you stand when it comes to kid dreams?


Take your list of dream jobs and look over each entry. Have you done this as a career, or maybe as a hobby? If so, good for you. Write an explanation of how you fulfilled this dream.

Now work on the ones you didn’t fulfill. Why didn’t you? What kept you from being a painter, or from being a kitten herder? Be honest with yourself. Later on, we’ll be looking for themes and patterns. But for right now, take each dream individually and analyze it. Write a sentence or two of explanation for each one. It may be difficult at first. It was hard to admit I didn’t pursue some dreams because I was afraid. Stick with it though. You’ll be surprised at the insight that will follow.

Keep going! Go to I’m Big. Now What?


  1. I did go to Jr. college for Commercial Art or the first semester, then I quit. There wasn’t much call for an illustrator in my area back in the mid to late 70’s. Besides I felt like an odd ball, and I hated my animal anatomy class! (Poor excuses now, I wish I had stuck with it for the experiences I would have had.

  2. I am so amazed at this blog and how you are looking at your childhood dreams to kick start the process of self discovery! I wrote a post a little while ago on more or less the same subject…


    Please feel free to give it a visit and see my take on this!

    I shall definatly be visiting here alot. Its such a great blog. Thank you for liking my self discovery post.

    Give Doug a tickle for me,


    1. Thanks for stopping by- I’ll go read your post.

  3. In Orthodox Christianity priests are allowed and even encouraged to marry. I always thought monks should be celibate but not priests. Monks live away from the opposite sex in solitude, dedicating their lives to God. Priests live and teach amongst the Christian community. It makes sense that they should lead by example, and marriage is an extremely important thing for a Christian.

    I understand if you have lost faith in the church, but I hope you haven’t lost faith in God! I hate to fear monger but… the consequences for that are extremely dire! :s


  4. When I was 5 years old, one of my wishes was to work in radio. Eventually, I did, for more than 35 years.

    1. Good! I always wanted to be an artist, and I managed to make it this far in life by doing creative things.

  5. Valerie · · Reply

    Thanks for the like- and I love the direction of this blog- very much how I’ve lived my life- and I’ve found when I write down my life vision (which I’ve done many times over the years) things usually come true- sometimes I wish I’d asked for something else 🙂 but mostly not. And my desire has always been to live simply and be of service- thanks for finding me!

    1. Hi Valerie- I’m glad you stopped by. Many of the readers here think like you do… I hope you continue to contribute your thoughts and ideas…

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