Keep Changing.



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  2. spartacus2030 · · Reply

    Wow! To the point and definitely inspirational! I’m changing… Starting to howl at the moon now, and I have this strange craving to travel in packs ;O)

  3. This is true in many ways. The example that comes to my mind first is weight loss. Years ago, when I realized how far I’d let myself go, my first step was to stop eating after 7pm. Once that habit was established, I worked on eating mindfully, slowly, then another change. Over time, I lost almost 100 lbs. Small changes can make a big difference. Thanks for the reminder, because there’s always something to work on, even if it’s making time to relax and have fun.

  4. “1DAAT ” One Day At A Time !!!! yep yep 🙂

  5. Great article, very nice!

  6. Images to Keep · · Reply

    I needed to hear this thank you

  7. So true! I love change and transformation. The journey from A to B is those daily little changes. I wrote about my transistion year. It was crazy but that saying “next year you’ll be glad you started today” oh yeah!

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