Burn Up Your Old Beliefs.

I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.~Bertrand Russell

Get Rid Of What Doesn’t Make You Smile
Burning up the old Doug...

Burning up the old Doug…

We’re going to do some actual destruction today!

This is a short, easy exercise that follows along with what we’ve done so far.

In our last post, Doug and I shared an exercise which helps you examine what you believe about aspects of your life, and to decide if they’re in line with who you are.

Keep the list you made in the last exercise… Hang it up where you can read it every day.

Repeat your new beliefs throughout your day and you’ll rewire your brain and start believing your own thoughts, instead of what was programmed into you by others.

So, what can we do to actually get rid of our old beliefs? We’re going to burn them!


Take your list from the previous exercise and read it over. Get a new sheet of paper and write down all of the beliefs you wrote down that aren’t in line with the real you anymore (The ones you didn’t circle).

At the top of the page write something like “the old me” or “these aren’t true anymore”.  Crumple this page of false beliefs up. Stamp on it, smash it, tear it into pieces if you feel like it.

Now, but the paper in a bowl, fireplace or other suitable container for the next step… FIRE!

Set your own beliefs on fire… Burn them up until there’s nothing left but ashes. They’re gone…

Take the ashes and dispose of them in whatever way feels right to you. They have no meaning or power anymore so dumping them in the trash is perfectly fine, as long as they cooled off first!

This exercise may seem simple and even silly at first. Don’t underestimate the benefit of of physically destroying them though. There’s power in destruction…

Next, we’ll tackle habits and how to destroy them…

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  1. interestin!’…………. Q

  2. I’m totally doing this tonight. Awesome!

    1. It’s simple but satisfying.

  3. Oh definitely.

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