And Women Too…

see (Small)


  1. nicciattfield · · Reply

    I like the women too comment.

  2. Beautiful and so true. Light bulb moment – this is why I cant draw or paint more dark themes into my art with any conviction. That isn’t me, not what is in my heart so I should listen to my heart and not try create art to fit other people’s interpretation if what art should be. Not all art needs to be emotionally challenging or a socially conscious statement. It is just as valid a statement to be one that evokes joy or just puts a smile on your face.
    Thank you Doug for this timely post!

    1. Very true. I haven’t painted in a while, but when I did, the work was dark. I often wonder what I’d create today…

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    Thank you Doug Does Life for this! Much needed validation of how I see my art.
    Doug’s blog is well worth following!!!

  4. Lol, And women too! I like you.

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    So true. Nothing can describe the way the world looks thru my eyes.

  6. Love this! And your sweet comment too 🙂

  7. woooo er whoa man too yep yep…. LoL john john an dougy doug… what a kewl story ….yes indeed also.. for all those with a clue yep i agree with ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ efrget what john haz to say lol. no really a statement that men an women also have to be careful of…what they carry in the heart,,is it love er fear……? er one dusguisin as da other i must ask a lot, okay have a splendid sunday 2 U & urz….frum da Q 🙂 ……………namaste’………….. 🙂

    1. Thanks Q- We had a great Sunday and a good week so far. I hope yours is going the same.

  8. cc.blogger · · Reply

    Great quote, Doug. The original German was “Mensch” so the right translation would be: “A human being sees…” German has that great word, ‘Mensch’ that includes everybody…

  9. Beautiful quote. Thank you

    1. Glad you like it.

  10. Thanks for adding women. True story.

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