Who Needs Your Talents?

You are capable of more than you know. Choose a goal that seems right for you and strive to be the best, however hard the path. Aim high. Behave honorably. Prepare to be alone at times, and to endure failure. Persist! The world needs all you can give. ~E. O. Wilson

People need your gifts

We’ve spent a lot of time figuring out who we are, what we’re good at and what we want to do with our lives. Now we have to figure out who is interested in our offerings.

From a previous post, I discovered what I want to do with my skills and talents is to help others construct their own fulfillment. It seems like many people are questioning their choices and motives in life. Others find themselves out of work unexpectedly. I’m not the only person who wants a life overhaul…

Figuring out who needs our skills and talents is as important as knowing what those talents are. Personally, I wouldn’t be content in life being a nameless paper pusher in an office, no matter how developed my talents and sense of self are. To be fully content, I’ll have to share my talents with everyone who wants and needs them…

Monkey Power!

Getting a feel for the audience
Doug, Doug, Doug of the jungle...

Doug, Doug, Doug of the jungle…

Doug and I started this blog to share our journey towards contentment, and to inspire others to do the same.

We never claimed to be marketing gurus, or to even know what we were doing (or talking about, sometimes)!

We gained valuable insight into what others want and need in life though.

Thanks to the interaction from our new friends we’ve discovered through this blog, we’ve refined of goals to meet the needs we see.

Many of you have provided suggestions and support which has kept us going. Talking with readers here and on Facebook has been important in defining our path in to the future.

Knowing who needs what you offer starts with paying attention to how others respond to your talents. Who gets excited about your ideas and offers suggestions to improve upon them (they’re the ones actually listening to you)? Who just yeses you to death (they’re not listening to you)?

Keep track of who is drawn to your thoughts, talents and ideas. This is your market, whether you’re selling something or giving it away for free. Get a feel for who they are…

So, who do you offer your talents to? In our next post we’ll start brainstorming a list of potential customers, and the products we can create to fill a need.

Define your audience


  1. This is a FABULOUS post. Knowing what you LONG for and taking ACTION! and being diligent in that action are Key! KNOWING YOURSELF. AWARENESS of what is already inside of you! Remember, anything that sparks you on the outside – you already have on the inside, you simply need to become aware of it and your longing to create it. AND YOU CAN ! GREAT POST ! You and Doug are doing a great service for so many of us !! Keep going !

    1. Thanks Julie! I hope my posts are inspiring others to look inward. I’d like to see everyone doing what they love and being content. Think how much better the world would be… Doug and I are trying to do our little part to bring this closer to reality…

  2. boobooda7 · · Reply

    How about a “Reboot Your Life Seminar?” You use the awesome work you’ve already done…put together a cool slideshow, add in some great exercises and charge folks to show up. We are in the Aquarian age and many, many people are sitting where we are. People want soul in their life. They want to contribute to the universe. And, they want to showcase their talents and who they really are at the same time. Our old model no longer works, nor serves…you are sitting at the cusp of big planetary change and are in a good place to help others move forward. Be the change you wish to see…and perhaps catalyze it.

    1. Wow! This is an excellent idea! Thank you. I want to be a catalyst for change, and help all of us do and be what we dream of… The world will be a better place WHEN this happens. Thanks for the encouragement…

      1. boobooda7 · ·

        I’ve always wondered, what would the world look like if we were all being exactly who we were meant to be? It would indeed be beautiful, would it not?

      2. It would, WILL be. I can say that since leaving my government job last year I’ve never been happier. Even with all of the uncertainty and flux in life, it’s better than being a slave.

      3. I totally agree. As we are all waking up to ourselves, living from our hearts, we increasingly live, work and play from our God-given gifts. In 5D we naturally live and play together in harmony. Creating from our heart and souls deepest desires. We are ALL going home !

  3. Somehow I feel exactly in tune with you, my friend. In many ways our stories are similar and timing, too. I definitely feel there are many of us looking to be authentic and use the power of our truth to help each other be great.

    There is a new way, a new awakening, a new wealth afoot. I can feel it!

    If I can EVER help you in some way – you know where to find me. I believe in you guys so much! Thank you for being open about your path and shining light so others can follow theirs.

    It’s groovy, man.

    Peace, always.

    1. I feel in tune with you as well… There is change afoot and more people each day are sensing it… I think part of our job is to guide others as they discover the alternatives in all aspects of life.

      Thanks for the offer of help. I extend the same offer to you. We’ll all go farther by working together!

      1. John,

        I really feel I’m being led or guided and the message is becoming stronger – “guide others as they discover the alternatives in all aspects of life.” is a great way to say it.

        So many things are misaligned in this world right now and in our own lives. We are only individuals but together we are a revolution (evolution?).

        Thank you for your kindness, I really do appreciate it. Here we go . . . but not alone!

      2. Hey Allison- I agree, and feel the same way. I think others are feeling the call to share themselves for the good of others. Working together magnifies the effort.

  4. This is a really good post John, very inspiring, thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. I’m glad you like it. 🙂

  5. Thanks, John, for the Like. In the spirit of this fine post, please accept this gift from me:


    Not trying to lure you back over to my site (!) — simply magnifying the energy…


    1. Thanks Rachel- I read the poem… Wonderful.

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