How Do You Do It?

do it your own way


  1. How did that ever become a secret? AND, why do people get made when you know that and they don’t? Once they find out they continue on living the way they always have and are angry that you never believed that? Weird, don’t you think?

    1. I have no idea…It is strange. I guess it’s an example of not seeing things as they truly are.

  2. anoder kewl one 🙂

  3. nicciattfield · · Reply

    I think they do it with courage…and maybe that’s a mix of willpower and passion?

    1. I think so too.

  4. Every one has a culture of core values and beliefs that they live by, things learned through experience. Their actions often reflect these values. The residual is they way they present themselves to the world. You can often make determinations of how good a friend they will be to you by how similar their culture system is to your own. As for me I do it as my baptist momma told me. As a representative of Christians, blacks, my family and so on down the line. But hopefully always with the goal in mind to learn from every experience be it good or bad, because life is just a series of random events until you do to things. First realize that it’s not random and their is a pattern to be observed in all things. And second that life can be a far more pleasurable thing if you use what you observe as a learning experience and work within the confines of the natural laws of the universe.

    1. Thanks for sharing your observations. I believe it’s all about learning and improving ourselves. Randomness, as you mention, isn’t part of life. Seeing the patterns and realizing there are larger forces at work is comforting, at least to me.

      1. It can be confusing when you don’t understand the pattern but a good root cause analysis always seems to help me in discovering why something has happened and with further thought you can always derive a lesson from most situations and in doing so get value from it. when its bad that often makes it less bad, because at least you learned from it.

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