Keep Your Eyes Open.

I would like to say to people, open your eyes and find beauty where you normally don’t expect it.~ Jean Paul Gaultier

You Never Know What’s Waiting To Be Noticed
Miles of this...

Miles of this…

I walk/run every morning in the nature preserve that borders our property.

I use a running app on my phone to keep track of distances, times and all the other things that sometimes distract me from just enjoying the beauty of the preserve.

At the trailhead that leads into the preserve, I sometimes head south and follow a path that’s maintained by the local power company.

It’s exactly like walking in the preserve except the ownership is different…

Using technology while walking in a nature preserve kind of clashes with my sensibilities. I do it anyway though because these outings are for health and not so much for enjoyment.

So, I’m often looking at my time, my distance, how I’m doing compared to the day before, everything but looking at the vegetation surrounding me ( I do, however, keep an eye out for bears, marauding neighborhood dogs and skunk apes).

A few days ago I realized that the path I was on is lined with blackberry bushes.



Looking closely, I saw that they were producing berries… There are miles of bushes just waiting to be harvested!

Gifts Are There If You Look

I’ve been monitoring the bushes each day to check for ripening. Some patches are producing black berries while other right next to them are still full of tiny green ones just starting out…

I don’t know why some produce early while others are slower… All I know is that for the next few weeks different patches will ripen and be ready to eat.

The deer and the birds (and maybe the skunk apes too) will get their share of the berries. We’re going to get a few of our own…

Next week we’ll head out with a basket and collect some ripe blackberries. It’s not easy pickings though. Blackberry bushes are loaded with thorns.

My kind of fast food...

My kind of fast food… Notice all of the different animals who use the trail and leave their tracks.

I pick a few each morning to eat for breakfast while out on my treks. My hands are already loaded with scratches and punctures.

It’s worth it though. I’ve gathered blackberries since I was a little child in rural New York. My Mom taught us how to do it…

We’d bring the berries home, cover them in heavy cream and sugar and eat them until our lips were purple.

We never had as many berry patches in New York as we do now. I’m glad I looked around the other day and noticed what was there all the time… I better go get a carton of cream…









  1. unknown · · Reply

    Hey, not been around for a bit and just catching up – I love this, it’s exactly how I feel when I walk the dog down the River Roding. A simple truth, and probably easily overlooked for that reason!

    1. I’ve begun to appreciate the simple things that surround me every day…It’s leading to a much happier life.

  2. When I was a kid I’d pick blackberries in the wild patches on the industrial site where my grandfather worked. It was full of goldenrod, various grasses, blackberries – a wonderland for a little kid to explore. Your post brought back that wonderful part of my childhood.

    1. I’m glad you can relate to what I was writing about… Such a simple thing, picking blackberries, opens up memories from the past that I haven’t accessed in a long time.

      As a child it seemed like it wasn’t a big deal- we were just gathering berries. It’s interesting how the experience lodged in both our memories…

  3. very kewl……….. 🙂 think i’ll go fer a walk 🙂 NOW .Take CARE! Q

    1. Did you find any berries?

  4. Gifts are there if you look – love that. It’s true in the world around us and true inside as well 🙂 Great one thank you for sharing!

    Peace always ~ Allison

    1. Thanks Allison- I’m working on acknowledging and appreciating all of the gifts that surround me.

  5. I have noticed that during very hard times in my life, things in nature look more vivid and intense. Yes it is wise to remind us to really saturate ourselves with these things. It helps the soul, I feel.

    1. I agree. Nature goes on no matter what issues and problems we create for ourselves. We forget we’re part of nature… We always go on too.

  6. lovely write up…enjoyed reading it

  7. This reminds me of one day many years ago when I was walking in the woods, head down, when suddenly the Lord said, “Look up or you’ll miss it!” I looked up to see a deer just ahead of me looking at me. It was only for a moment and then it bounded off. I’m glad I looked up.

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