What If Money Is No Object?

This video is very inspirational for me as I ask myself the same questions that he ponders… What do I desire?


  1. Momz Happy Hour · · Reply

    a decent car, and my bills being paid so i’m dept free!! Hell yeah! LOL

  2. Yes, it is very inspirational for also John, that I keep on working as a civil servant because My real believe is that I cannot make it as an artist, and find that money is the object….arrrrgggghhhh! Great video, thank you so much..xx

    1. It’s hard Gloria- I posted the video because I’m looking for inspiration myself.

  3. Great video…while money means nothing to me in any real sense of the word, it can provide…and provide so much.

    1. That’s the truth and the dilemma… we still need money to function within the system in which we all live.

  4. That is the question for so many of us! Well played!

    1. I was thinking about this all last week, so much so that I hardly did anything with my blog.

  5. Reblogged this on Words and commented:
    This is absolutely fantastic.

  6. Alan Watts is a very interesting man – I have been influenced by his writings. YOu have an interesting blog, in fact my last handmade project had its title taken from Alan WAtts, referring to the creative brain as the ‘Enchanted Loom’. He is definitely worth reading! Keep well.

    1. Thanks- I gt a lot out of Alan Watts’ teachings… He has a way of making everything clear to me.

  7. Great video…..great blog…

    Allan watts – i am at loss of words…”trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth”…love this quote of allan…..

    1. Thanks- Allan Watts is a great teacher. Every time I read or listen to his words I see things differently.

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