Improving Yourself With Found Knowledge.

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.~Marcus Garvey

Retrieving Bits Of You

We all know more than we can consciously access… Our highest selves know everything because we are everything. The poor physical copies of our true selves must muddle through life here on earth with huge gaps missing in our skill sets and in the information we use to make decisions.

There are many ways of improving ourselves, and whole industries have been created promoting self improvement and self help. It all comes down to being connected to all aspects of ourselves and having pathways of communication open between the different selves that make up the total us.

Head Back In Time
Doug has a diverse past to draw from...

Doug has a diverse past to draw from…

Time travel seems like a science fiction creation used to tell interesting stories that can’t happen in the “real” world. Our world is not real though, or not the sum total of reality.

It’s real, but it’s a creation of our higher selves. Compared with the totality of reality, our little 3-d world seems sort of contrived and limiting.

Scientific research is discovering that there’s much more to reality than we currently accept…

Before written language, cultures in the past relied on memory to keep their stories alive. Each generation had to access the knowledge of those before and add their own contributions.

The veil between here and before was thin, and the the past was accessed mentally to recover lost knowledge or to gain information to benefit those living “now”.

We can use the same techniques to access what we perceive as the past to improve our current situation. The following exercise will guide you…


Relax, close your eyes and and begin thinking about what knowledge you wish to gain.  You’re going to use the entrance to your inner self that you created when turning inward.

Enter into your opening (go back and do the exercise linked above if you haven’t already) and travel down and meet your true self as explained here.

Explain what you wish to learn… Do you want to be better at public speaking? Maybe you wish to quit a bad habit. Tell your inner self what you wish to do and listen to what they say…

There may be a book for you to read or maybe you’ll do some exercises to improve your skills or bring about the change you desire. Don’t analyze the task, do it…

Ask any questions of your inner self that you may have and accept the answers that you’re given. You’re trying to keep your ego out of this situation so true knowledge can be gained.

Once the lessons are over return through your opening to ordinary reality. Think about the information you retrieved. How can you implement it in your everyday life?

what can you do right now to improve yourself with this new found knowledge?


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