Don’t Think Too Much.

Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day.~Dalai Lama

My Morning

For the next few days I’ve decided to stop thinking so much and just live life. By doing so I hope to uncover the path that I’m supposed to travel next, in this new chapter of my life.

In keeping with my “don’t think too much” goal, I thought I’d share what my morning was like through photos. By paying attention to my routine I realized that I have much to be thankful for just in how my life is now… I have to admit that I’m very fortunate when I’m not feeling sorry for myself!

Not getting up today...

Not getting up today…

And It Begins

My wife leaves for work at 5:30 am… She’s an English teacher and her school is an hour away. I WAS getting up with her and starting the day early, but the last couple weeks I’ve been sleeping in ’til 7.

Doug didn’t want to get up so I left him in bed… He’s a lazy monkey…

After making my daughter’s lunch and chasing her out the door to school with a broom I headed outside to do the morning chores.

What are you doing today that we can take credit for?

What are you doing today that we can take credit for?

Max and Sasha were waiting for me… They follow me around the yard and act like they’re helping.

The first thing the cats and I did was water the gardens. we have various beds, pot and plots scattered around our property and watering them can be a pain.

Not this morning though… I feel fortunate to have the space to grow so much.

Max acts like a supervisor and thinks he’s directing the watering operation.

I had to water Sasha along with the plants because she thinks the raised beds are her personal litter box… I don’t think she figured out I was in control of the stream of water that blew her off her toilet…

If I had thumbs I'd do a much better job...

If I had thumbs I’d do a much better job…

Everything is growing well… It’s Florida so this isn’t really a testament to any great gardening ability. Some deer got into our cucumbers and ate the leaves off… again. I’m not sure what to do to keep them out of the yard at night. Max thinks we should forget about the cucumbers and eat the deer…

The part of the yard the deer didn't treat like a salad bar.

The part of the yard the deer didn’t treat like a salad bar.

After the watering was done the chickens needed attention…. Food, water and being let out into their yard put the egg machines in order. Six eggs were waiting to be collected…

We used to let them out to roam all day but we can’t now. They trekked over to the neighbor’s property and started leaving messy chicken gifts on their front porch. I still think it’s kind of funny but for now they can’t be out without supervision… Maybe later, you tiny feathered dinosaurs.

We make eggs, you let us out... Yup? Nope? Duh...

We make eggs, you let us out… Yup? Nope? Duh…

Living Life
Tiny oranges!

Tiny oranges!

I’m pretty happy with my life when I’m not worrying about “what’s next?”. There’s an easy flow and purpose to it that I’m grateful for when I take the time to acknowledge it…

Once the chores were done I put on my sneakers and headed into the preserve for my morning walk.

As I was walking up the driveway I noticed that the orange blossoms have fallen off… We now have tiny oranges in their place!

It’s good to take a break from thinking and planning and just enjoy the life we have… Being present and appreciating our fortune, and we all have things to be thankful for, leads to contentment.

I’m content with my life. I think I’ll just live it for a couple more days. Then, maybe my mind will be clear enough to decide what else I want to do to enhance the treasures that I already have…


  1. Hi Doug! Your routine made me smile – especially the interaction with your cats, as they are beautiful and hilarious creatures (in my eyes anyway), so thank you for sharing! I’m glad you’re feeling brighter 🙂 🙂 With love, Meliza

    1. Hi Meliza- Thanks for taking the time to comment. Cats are wonderful companions… We have five and sometimes it feels like a cat circus around here…

  2. Brilliant! 🙂

  3. Exactly. As someone of a philosophical bent and a cat lover you may be interested in the philosophical musings of my cat blog. Comments welcome. 😉

  4. Living in the present and being grateful – you mastered it on this day. I have been slowing down my thought process lately and trying to live day to day as best I can during a time of great change. When there is too much to think about sometimes the best idea is to stop thinking. Thanks for the great example.

    1. Exactly- Thinking can often become an obstacle. I’m trying to bring more doing into my life, even if it’s just chores around the house.

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