Looking Towards The Future.

The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.~Albert Einstein

The Power Of Visualization
Doug's visualizations are different than most...

Doug’s visualizations are different than most…

Visualization is a way to look into the future and “see” events before they happen. If we approach this with negativity and dread our fears are likely to manifest.

With fear, visualization  becomes another form of anxiety. A powerful and useful practice just becomes another way to worry…

The most effective way to get the results we wish for in life is to remain positive and know that the future will turn out in our favor.

By visualizing the results that we want, pathways are built in our mind that lead to it. It’s mentally training ourselves to be successful.

Athletes use this technique to see victory before the competition begins. Why don’t we do this in our everyday lives?

In my case, I was never taught to do this. Positive thinking was not a big part of my childhood. I learned all about “should haves” and “why didn’ts”, as well as “don’ts” and “be carefuls”… There was no mention of “why not” or “you can”.

It’s taken a lifetime to realize that this was an underlying problem in my life. I’m working or counteracting this negative programming with varying amounts of success. I was given a powerful lesson in visualization a couple weeks ago… I continue to work on this technique and hope to turn it towards fulfilling my dreams and reaching my goals.

I fully believe it’s possible and that our thoughts create our reality. All the clutter I’ve gathered in the past still trips me up though. I’m cleaning it out and making room for a new and positive collection of beliefs and practices…

Do It

There are many ways to practice visualization and manifestation… Authors have made their fortunes writings series of books about the topic. I practice a few different methods but I’ll share a simple one below.

I feel this particular technique is powerful because before you create an image of the result you desire you examine the situation. During this examination negative aspects are addressed and let go. Your feelings about the situation are explored and insight is gained into why you think as you do…


Relax and close your eyes. Imagine the future event that you want to influence.

Play out the different ways that the event can unfold. What was the first scenario you created?

Was it negative and influenced by fear? Why? Let it go and imagine other results.

Keep imagining how the event can happen. Eventually, you’ll run out of negative endings and begin to imagine positive results.

Build upon the positive thoughts… Don’t be afraid to make it unbelievable to yourself. Disbelief is a control that we have that holds us back. Work through it.

Keep imagining the situation until it’s completely positive. Become excited with the result. Make it come alive in your imagination… Believe in it.

Open your eyes but continue to hold this image of the situation in your mind. Visualize it every day and make it real.

With no negativity attached to it you have a greater chance of creating the future you desire…


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  1. This really works! After years of grieving the divorce and unhealthy rebound relationships followed by cynicism, I started to imagine how joyful it would be to have a partner who would be a good fit for me. Instead of feeling lonely and wondering what was wrong with me, I started to imagine him walking with me on the beach and his tools and projects filling up the workshop out back. He didn’t come to me right away because there was still some work we each needed to do to be ready. He came when the time was perfect. Now, I need to imagine the joy of freedom from the old job I’ve had for 26 years being just a part of my history, and our memoir, Perfect Timing, being a success!

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