Meeting The Elements.

Matter is, in its constituent elements, the same as spirit; existence is one, however manifold in its phenomena; life is one, however multiform in its evolution.~Annie Besant

The Elements And You
Doug's a little close to Fire...

Doug’s a little close to Fire…

The exercise below will allow you to open up communication with the spirits of the elements.

It appears simple, but it’s powerful in how it connects you with the element you choose to work with.

Any time you wish to connect with the spirit of something, element or otherwise, it’s easier if you have a representation nearby to focus on.

If you wish to connect with water, be near a natural flow.

If this isn’t possible, focus on water that you placed in a container.

Go outside and feel the wind if you wish to connect with air. Fire can be represented with a candle if you have nothing else.

Earth is easy to represent as we are literally on top of it at all times! Gather some up or choose a stone that appeals to you.

Remember to have fun and explore… The goal is to make new connections and discoveries.


Choose an element that you have access to right now- air, water, fire or earth.

Concentrate on the element. What form is it in? Does it have a smell? If you can touch it without bursting into flame what does it feel like?

Spend some time becoming familiar with all aspects of the element.

Close your eyes and keep your impressions of what you learned about the element.

Ask yourself what qualities you would have if you were the element. Would you be hot? Cold and strong? Light and flowing?

Imagine all aspects of the element and transform yourself into them. Feel yourself becoming the element.

Do this exercise for each of the four elements… How are they alike and different?

You can do this exercise when you need to acquire a particular aspect to help in your daily life… Maybe you need the firmness of earth, or the careless flowing of the air.

Think about what you learned and how it can help you in life. There are many ways the elements can aid you on your path…

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  1. This is so interesting to me. Each morning I light candles when I meditate. I think I might add a stone and some water to my space for balance. And open a window for a breeze (air)!

    1. It’s helpful to have something to focus on… I have all kinds of thing I’ve found over the years that I use.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. This is a great exercise. There will be a time when we will have the ability to merge our consciousness with that of other consciousness on our way to unity consciousness. . Drop the thinking and set the intention of being water, air, fire, earth.

    1. I believe so too. There’s a lot of work to be done before we all can do this though… Hopefully sooner than later!

  3. Thank you!! I LOVE YOUR POSTS!!! KEEP EM COMING!!!

    1. Thanks! They’ll keep comig…

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