A Lesson In Manifestation.

Every great work, every big accomplishment, has been brought into manifestation through holding to the vision, and often just before the big achievement, comes apparent failure and discouragement! Florence Scovel Shinn

And Synchronicity Too.

Yesterday I had to bring my daughter to the airport in Jacksonville. She’s flying up to visit her mother over the Easter break. My wife works in Jacksonville and since it’s about an hour away, we carpooled.

This meant I had to spend the day in the city and wait for my wife to be done teaching. My daughter’s flight was early so I was on my own for most of the day…

I would have preferred to be at home where I could work on my blog and other projects… This week was supposed to be one of planning my future but I didn’t make much progress doing this… I was feeling guilty.

Driving to town I saw a window decal on a car with a sea turtle that said “Never Give Up”. I never saw one of these before and it stuck in my mind.

About an hour later I saw a different vehicle with the same decal. Obviously a not so subtle message was being sent my way. I need to keep chipping away at my dreams…

Be Careful What You Wish For
Wow, my thoughts DO become things!

Wow, my thoughts DO become things!

My only plan for the day was meeting a friend for lunch. She still works for the city and keeps me abreast on the goings on with my old co-workers.

A few days ago my friend told me about a co-worker who’s married to an attorney.

He and his wife were involved in a car accident and each of them are getting over two hundred thousand dollars as a settlement.

I’m still trying to figure out how to make an income without a job.

This has been getting me down lately…

I was sitting at a stop light and began thinking about my old co-worker and how he’ll be getting close to half a million dollars for an accident… He isn’t really hurt… His wife is a lawyer.

I’ve spent a lot of time working hard to develop this blog and other projects and nothing is working out financially, yet.

Envy crept into my thoughts. I started wishing I could have a “lucky” break and get a huge chunk of money for nothing.

It wouldn’t be so bad to have an accident and get a good settlement right? This thought was in my mind at the very moment I was rear-ended by the guy behind me…

I was hit so hard my hat flew off my head into the back seat. When the light turned green I pulled over and so did the guy that hit me.

I was fine… No pains or cuts. After seeing that the other driver was OK we looked at our vehicles…

There was no damage! I don’t know how this happened, but there wasn’t even a dent. The guy who hit me saw some scratches on my bumper and began to tell me he works at a body shop… He wanted to avoid the police coming to write up the accident.

The scratches were there before the accident and I told him so. Luck was with us… Nothing and no one was damaged, so we went on our way.

Thoughts Become Things

I haven’t been in a car accident in years. What are the chances that I would be in one at the very moment I was thinking weak thoughts about someone being “lucky” to have one?

I would say almost statistically impossible, because I normally control my thoughts and rarely have ones of envy anymore.

I manifested the accident and it taught me a lesson. I need to concentrate on positive thoughts and actions and stick with my plans to improve my life.

I need to manifest the life I wish for myself and not try to find a shortcut…

As the turtle told me,”never give up”. I don’t need an easy payday to make it. I just need to continue to work hard on my dreams and they will bear fruit.

Be aware of your thoughts… They really do create your reality. I have a few sore muscles to prove it…

If anything, I need to learn to be more patient.




  1. I love that. Nice bit of writing.

  2. Glad you are not hurt, but the message was extremely profound… look at this though, if you had been hurt, you would not have been able to go home and work on your dream…. the message is clear….what ever you are destined to do is important….and what you do now is important, which is why you weren’t hurt. You will find the way. BTW, Florence Shinn was the writing that started me on my path many years ago. Talk about synchronicity. I did not think many knew about her. That was a sign and a boost for me, so thanks.

    1. It certainly was a clear message to me. I need to keep plodding on and believe I’m on the right path for me. Everything has worked out up until this very second… There’s no indications that this will change.

      I’m glad you got a boost too 🙂

  3. T. Coffman · · Reply

    It’s difficult sometimes, when we are struggling, to watch others who seemingly get things so easily. We look at what they have and envy sets in. We begin to question why we are being withheld ‘fortune’ of whatever kind. But our view is from the street, while the Universe – from the Empire State Building. We can only see so far. The near half million those folks are getting might seem like a wonderful thing, but who knows down the road what problems that money might cause. But maybe it will cause no problems. The point in life is to keep your eyes on your own paper and keep moving forward with intent. Your path. Your life. Unique to you. Create it to be wonderful and learn lessons.

    But this sign you had caused you to write about it and share it with us. That’s beautiful because now we’re reminded of what we need to do for ourselves. Great, brave, and humble post. Thank you for my reminder. x

    1. Thanks! I’m glad that this post seems to resonate with you, as well as with others. It’s so easy to slip into old patterns of being- jealousy, in this case.

      I wasn’t even really feeling envy, it was more of a musing. I’m grateful for the wake-up in the form of a read end collision though.

      I’ve worked hard to change old thought patterns and now know I still need to be vigilant that they don’t return. I suppose it’s a lifelong effort for all of us…

  4. I had a similar experience once and had what could have been a really bad accident. I lost control of the car and it flew over a two metre enbankment and landed on its wheels. I had my husband and three children in the car and no one was hurt. It was a real lesson to me that our thoughts can manifest what we fear most. Thanks for sharing your story.

    1. HI Rainee- Sometimes fear is the best teacher, at least for me. I’m glad your story has a similar ending as mine…No injuries but a lesson learned.

  5. Oh, my goodness, Monkey, SO glad you’re okay!! And Kelp knows that you, Monkey, already know this quite well, but the grass ain’t always greener. Your friends getting the settlement? You aren’t walking in their shoes and have no idea of the crap they might just be stepping in. Enjoy your own shoes. Just sayin’… Cheers!!

    1. Hey Kelp- I agree with you… I’m content with the arc of my life and wouldn’t trade it with them,or anyone. I’ll keep motoring on down my path.

  6. sarvjit · · Reply

    The thoughts we bake
    in mind we make
    high are stakes
    all it takes
    is a pin
    to burst the balloon.
    Our thoughts make us! So true! Thank you!

    1. Our thoughts certainly do make us… I like the prose too!

  7. Holy moly! Your experience is super extraordinary and I am — hope this sounds the right way — excited for your experience! These are things that happen to us often and it takes presence to understand and assimilate the info you’ve just received…from whatever source in which you choose to hold faith. Although the accident sucks, it wasn’t really an accident was it? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Carin- It was exciting for me too, and still is. I feel like it was a confirmation that I’m heading in the right direction and I just need to stay on course.

      such a direct manifestation of my thoughts hasn’t happened to me before. Seeing it in action,I’m now turning it towards positive thoughts, even more than I have in the past.

  8. You are doing life, Doug, and inspiring everyone who reads your adventures. Perhaps a book is in order, The adventures of Doug, Monkey, and Animal Spirits, or unseen intelligent and caring spirits who are willing and able to manifest into humans, animals, car stickers; accidents,whatever severs them in serving their friends. You obviously have friends in high places. Coincidence – I was just complaining to Spirit that a little money wouldn’t hurt. Now I think of the body pain it could come with, or undesirable mental stress. I guess, maybe, we’re designed to follow a unique path.
    Good luck (though luck is not really what it might seem to be).

    1. Hey Jean- I’m thinking about a book, or books, but haven’t put much thought into the idea yet. I like your ideas… They could work in a book aimed at children, which is one path I plan to take.

      I feel like everything is progressing as it should. I guess I needed a loud wake-up call to make me realize this…

      1. Dear Doug,
        Here I am, again, so slow in responding to comments. Perhaps I hesitate to learn that nobody is listening, or cares for a follow-up.
        I have always needed children in my life and I have, in some ways, never left my own childhood, I guess, for I enjoy the stories that children enjoy.
        In volunteer work in so-called child literacy programs, I eventually had to back away. It was so awful what they were being given to read, before they were old enough or mature enough, and, sadly before their teachers and librarians were enlightened enough to understand, were not designed to contribute to quality of thought in the minds of these precious children. They all were victims of cultural brainwashing. I had to back away or be part of the tragedy that nobody but myself seemed to see as such.
        Enter Doug, and, hopefully, all the writers like you, who can appeal to children where they are, in their childhood, and open to fun, imagination, adventure, and a message of encouragement for them to open to the world they live in, a world they are part of, with animals, toys, nature and a need to understand from where they now are.
        You can do it Doug. They’re waiting for you. They need you, so much more than you could ever know.

      2. Hello Jean- I enjoy children’s stories as well… I collect children’s books that I enjoy or have particularly interesting art. I was given “St. Francis And The Proud Crow” for my birthday. The story is so so but I love the artwork…

        I understand what you mean about the sad state that is how and what children are taught. My wife teaches 11th grade English and many of her students don’t read at a sixth grade level, and most of them hate books. I think they were never taught to appreciate them when young, and didn’t have a favorite book as a child. When my daughter was born 14 years ago I bought every Shel Silverstein book and read them to her every night. She is still an avid reader…

        I’m going to start plotting out some ideas with Doug, aimed at children. I think many of my ideas can be shared with kids, and maybe they will be encouraged to think for themselves, and to explore a bit more… Thanks for sharing some good ideas to prod me along.

      3. Future generations of children (who usually grow to become adults) will benefit from your literary efforts. I had to pull away from a volunteer job I loved, knowing the young children would miss me almost as much as I missed them. I could not be part of what they were being conditioned to believe. It isn’t possible to teach anyone to read without exposing them to ways of thinking about and experiencing the world. It’s an awesome responsible and a powerful temptation for authorities to use to condition future citizens to think whatever, but to not teach them how to think for themselves. It’s so sad.
        They need you, Doug. Teach them to be happy, curious, and caring.

      4. Thanks for the encouragement Jean- I’d love to create a children’s book or two that will sit on a shelf for future generations. Ebooks are nice but I think there’s still a real need for physical tomes…

        I need to start mapping out a book.

      5. I agree, Doug, and I need to turn paper pages and feel them in my hands. I also need to underline and highlight. How to do that on an Ebook.? But, perhaps paper books will become, in time, for collectors, or snobs such as me.
        Ebooks have their place in today’s world. They reach out to many more millions of people and develop interest. Then you offer them a collector’s item. Strategy, eh?

      6. Good idea! I don’t think physical books will ever go away though. I’m noticing the beginning of a change in mindset, where people want an actual object. This is why 😛 records are starting to become popular again.

        Having a physical object, whether music or a book, makes it more valuable than just some lines of code… To me at least.

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