Change Requires… Change.

What is the good of your stars and trees, your sunrise and the wind, if they do not enter into our daily lives?~E. M. Forster

If It Was Good Enough For Ben…

I’m working on figuring out my Life, 2.0. Until recently, I was still living on a 9 to 5 schedule, even though I’ve been home for a year. Out of  habit, I was sticking to a limiting use of my day and not using the freedom that I am so lucky to have right now.

My days were packed with flurries of activity and offset by times of non-productive time wasting. I was doing work to stay busy, without accomplishing much.

I decided to change this…

The sun is up... What to do with my morning free time?

The sun is up… What to do with my morning free time?

I’ve been studying the daily schedules of different successful people in history. There’s a huge variety in how each handled their time to be most productive.

Benjamin Franklin’s schedule stood out to me as a good balance of work and enjoying life. I decided to give it a try, with some minor tweaks.

Take a look at how he structured his day… It seems almost ideal to me.

I now get up at 5:15 am and start working around 7:30. This gives me over two hours in the morning to do whatever I want, and not work.

I used to jump out of bed and start working within a half hour… I like the free time better.

Enjoying Life Instead Of Just Living
No, that's not a tiny cow following me... It's Max, the cat.

No, that’s not a tiny cow following me… It’s Max, the cat.

It got cool last night, so as soon as the sun came up I went outside to enjoy the morning… Our fruit trees just got their leaves back so I decided to walk out and check how they’re doing.

I walked around a bit, not really checking the trees… They’re fine, and besides, they have their flamingo bodyguards to take care of them.

It was nice to not be “doing something” and taking the time to just be. Max the cat wanted in on this… He’s a master of not doing and just being.

Sometimes I forget he’s not a garden statue. He followed me around this morning though… Maybe he’s inspired by the new schedule too.

Max and I stood around and enjoyed not being pressured to be working, yet. This schedule is going to work for me, I think. Eight hours of work will still be done during the day, but it’s broken up, and time is allocated for enjoying life.

What About You?
Max can't figure out why I'm outside so early... Or why my one fruit tree looks like a stick...

Max can’t figure out why I’m outside so early… Or why my one fruit tree looks like a stick…

Are you still following a schedule out of habit that doesn’t quite work for you? Research how successful people form the past used their time.

Not all of us have the luxury of creating a brand new schedule for our lives. But I bet there are things you can change that will bring more happiness and lessen your stress… Think about it, and make changes if you can. What’s stopping you?






  1. sarvjit · · Reply

    I don’t know if life is such a magic. I just changed my time schedule one day ago. Now after receiving the light from you, I’ll try to maximize the output from the time I’ve got. Thank you so much!

    1. Just shifting things around a bit makes for less stress and more time to be productive…

  2. change as stimulus. or change as irritation. I guess the right attitude decides amongst the two options.

    1. I’ll always choose stimulus… Although enough irritation will alter things too.

  3. Oh, this is what I needed to read!!

    I have been working as a server in a restaurant for the past two years after Graduation: 10-12 hour shifts, day-after-day, morning and night, an unpredictable future schedule with little energy left for my real passions.

    My creative soul has been dying, so, about a week ago, I put in my two-weeks notice. I made the decision on a whim, really, because I was unhappy with the unpredictability of working late, and sleeping in, only to have to jump out of bed at 3pm to go back to work all night long… I was miserable.

    I’ve been trying to get myself on a regular schedule when I have had days off, but they were so rare that any effort made little impact. Now, however, I plan to really hold myself accountable, and really pursue a freelance lifestyle, selling art, editorial services, and crafty-things.

    Yay! Here is to following your dreams with crossed-fingers!


    1. Hey Lee-Ann… I’m glad my post resonated with you. Good for you for believing in yourself enough to take such a huge step towards living the life you wish to have.

      It isn’t easy, and it’s often frightening. Stick with it though and keep believing that it can be done.

      We’re not designed to live structured lives of drudgery.

  4. This is actually high on my list of things to renew – my schedule. I want to have the luxury to meditate before sunrise and write through the mornings, this is my intensely creative time. And I love meditating in the evenings too. Need to do some major revamping though in terms of the ‘day job.’ I’m getting there.

    Great post 🙂

    1. Day jobs have a way of dominating our lives. I was lucky in that I was forced to leave mine because of an injury. Today is exactly one year since I left the soul killing world of 9-5 and started living authentically… I’ve never been happier.

      1. Wow, that is SO inspiring to me, Doug. We are not given infinite amounts of time, it is so important to use it wisely and live fully. Not too many people understand that, I fear.

      2. I agree. For many years I kept putting off what I wanted to “some day”… That day never came and always remained in the future. I try not to beat myself up for wasting so many years of my life… I think of it as learning lessons and building the person I am now.

  5. Timely topic! (as always) Well, for me since I am one who sleeps in the old style in two shifts, waking up between 2-3 a.m. due to my wildly inspiring muse, I just go with the flow and don’t fight it. Often I write. I have friends who paint in the wee hours. Sometimes I go back to sleep and sometimes I’m just so into the creative process that I keep going. I’m retired, so I can do that, but when I was a full time teacher, I still did it! Just went with the flow. I like that you’re messing around with things. That’s almost always the way to go. All the best.

    1. We can’t all function efficiently on the same schedule, no matter what “common sense” and the structure of society tells us.

      I’ve been much happier since I began listening to my natural cycles of productivity and rest. I know many don’t have the luxury to do so, but I hope more people will begin to realize how important it is to do so.

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