Life 2.0

Genuine beginnings begin within us, even when they are brought to our attention by external opportunities.~William Throsby Bridges .

Starting Over, Again
Doug surveying the future from our front porch. Yes, I have an old deer skull hanging over the door... My family is patient with me!

Doug surveying the future from our front porch. Yes, I have an old deer skull hanging over the door… My family is patient with me!

This past year has been a time of big changes for me.

I was injured at work on April 3, 2013, required shoulder surgery and have been on temporary disability since.

This life event may seem unfortunate at first, but it’s one of the best things that could’ve happened to me.

I hated my job. For over six years I was a compliance officer for the largest city (area wise) in the USA and worked in the most crime ridden neighborhoods.

I took the job to “grow up”- pension, steady pay, secure…

It had all of these along with soul killing repetitiveness, shocking government stupidity, inefficiency and redundancy…

Where I worked everyday. Yes, those are crackhouses and yes those are condemned signs... One of my main duties was condemning drug houses and dealing with the people who frequent them...

Where I worked everyday. Yes, those are crackhouses and yes those are condemned signs… One of my main duties was condemning drug houses and dealing with the people who frequent them…

Not to mention the daily danger or working alone in neighborhoods where the police don’t go without a caravan of backup.

This all began to crush my spirit. I worked most of my life as an artist in various capacities, and I’m not cut out to be a cog in a useless machine… Getting hurt was a blessing.

I call my injury life, 1.25…

Life 1.50

After being injured, I found myself at home getting paid, with lots of free time. Great, right? The first week was… After that, it was boring.The free time became a burden.

It sounds crazy, but it’s true. After living a structured life I hated for so many years, I had no idea what I wanted from life.

I began to unearth my dreams and think about how the rest of my  life should be… I had the opportunity to look inwards and really figure out what my passions are.

The process and answers eventually became my Find Your Path In Life series. My existence entered Life 1.50.

Sharing  What I learned
Me on patrol a few years ago... I had to be mean to survive in the bad parts of town.

Me on patrol a few years ago… I had to be mean to survive in the bad parts of town.

I spent a lot of time getting to know myself, working on personal issues and generally clarifying my thoughts and improving myself.

Great, but now what?

September, 2013 I decided to share what I learned through this blog. I was new to blogging and had no idea how to do it, so I just started writing and drawing…

My thoughts were to somehow transition into making a living online through my blog and other ways. But for the first few months I slaved away at creating content, networking with others and trying to help those who needed it…

My daughter also began living with me full time…

Life 1.75 was in full swing and the months flew by… Oh Oh, it’s April!

Life 2.0
Me at Life 2.0... Hair growing out and not sure what day it is... And happy!

Me at Life 2.0… Hair growing out and not sure what day it is… And happy!

I now find myself about to start my Life, 2.0. My blog is fairly successful… I’ve helped more than a few people and I’ve had a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, I’m not making a living online, yet. I’ve reached maximum medical improvement, so the insurance company is cutting off my benefits.

I haven’t been able to find work, even though I’m eligible to teach two subjects (Social Studies and Art) and have many other skills.

Life 2.0 is beginning with a whole new set of challenges… How will I support myself? I’m not sure yet. I have ideas that I’m working on that I’ll share here soon.

I’ve been studying how to earn income in various ways online, and I’m going to implement some of these ideas to become self sufficient.

Savings and a bit more money owed to me will help me get through the next few months. I’m going to have to hustle to start earning my keep though.

That’s not such a bad thing… I wanted a complete change for my life, and I got it. Things worked out better than I could have imagined, and now it’s up to me to grow up and step into my new life.

I’m becoming who I want to be, who I really am… this article inspired me to grow my hair out after twenty years of shaving my head… I don’t wear uniforms or  suits anymore either… Sometimes I forget what day it is…

It’s scary and exciting. Success depends on me and my efforts… These next few months are going to be ones to remember…









  1. Your story is resonating over here. Wishing you all success…

    1. Thanks… I believe by sharing my real life situations it will help others in similar situations… I hope so, at least.

  2. Wishing you success and peace, Doug. Thank you for sharing your journey with us – you are very inspiring. 🙂


    1. Thanks Allison- We’re all inspiring each other I think, and that’s a good thing. It’s encouraging to know you’re not alone…

  3. You know already in your heart that what ever you want will manifest as it is your true destiny. But figuring what that is, is a real bitch…. I so get that, as I am there too. I never thought at this age in my life I would be still playing “What do you want to do when you grow up?
    Hang in there…. you have so much talent… the next thing will find you.

    1. Thanks Jane- I think a lot of us are questioning our lives right now. I think this is a good think, if scary and confusing sometimes too. We’re not settling anymore.

  4. I have had many ups and downs in life all experiences have me understanding life more completely.. For me right now it is deciding to no longer be dictated by life. Over identifying with what life presented distracted me from living life on purpose I keep looking to what I need to do, or what needs to happen, so that I can wake up in the morning feeling enthusiastic about the new day. I keep wondering if humanity will start creating technology that is in harmony with life. I keep wondering why we cannot create a world without poverty, a world that values all life and crime becomes obsolete. I too have been wondering about Government stupidity. So I decided to take it into my own hands. I started working on an information package to do a mass mail out. It is being edited and I am hoping to have it complete by the end of the week. As I live in Canada and have worked in the health care industry it is mainly written in a way to bring light to this area. I will be sending it out to all levels of Government and to all levels of our health care industry. Thank you for sharing your journey. Blessings, L

    1. I think we’re in a transition period. All of the old models of being are becoming outdated but they haven’t been replaced yet.

      Maybe it’s up to us, collectively, to put forth solutions to the problems we see… This is one of the reasons I’ve been sharing my thoughts on life changes and how to deal with them.

  5. Last week I officially retired from teaching after 31 years. Life 1.25? Maybe 1.50? I recommend teaching,by the way. I didn’t hate my job. I don’t love the utter stupidity of Texas Education (there’s an oxymoron). I will severely miss the kiddos and the chaos, though. You gotta love chaos. I wish you all the best in Life 2.0. I hope it is sincerely an upgrade.

    1. Thanks- My wife teaches 11th grade English. Florida is not a good place to teach… The students run the show.

      I interviewed for many teaching positions but didn’t get hired… I think I’m supposed to be an independent operator and rely on myself to make a living… That’s exciting and frightening at the same time!

  6. John, I love your courage to be vulnerable and openly share your journey. In my eyes you already are a success…and of-course that goes for Doug too. 🙂 Here’s to life 2.0 – may it be the best!

    1. Thanks Susan! I appreciate your encouraging words…

  7. sarvjit · · Reply

    Lips stitched
    no ball is pitched
    the warrior fought
    through bots and thoughts
    Now he stands
    with feather hands
    happy with smiles
    hairs grew miles.
    Inspiring and stirring story! A huge hug for both of my friends!

    1. Thanks Sarvjit! I appreciate all of your input on what we do on this blog…

      1. Communication is very important for understanding and helping. Thank you for sharing your happy world!

  8. Thanks for sharing your story. You may want to check out the “early retirement/financial independence” guys, it sounds like you share a lot of values with them. Best of luck for life 2.0!

    1. Thanks- I’ll check them out today. I certainly need a bit of guidance with my new life…

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