Getting To Know Plants.

I do not yet know why plants come out of the land or float in streams, or creep on rocks or roll from the sea. I am entranced by the mystery of them, and absorbed by their variety and kinds. Everywhere they are visible yet everywhere occult.~Liberty Hyde Bailey

Become Familiar With Growing Things
What did you say to me?

What did you say to me?

It’s easy to connect with plants and start becoming aware of their properties.

Plants respond to our interaction. Studies have been done that show talking to plants help them grow better.

There’s obviously a path for communication between us and green leafy things…

So, what can we learn with our understanding of plants? That’s up to you and the plant! The more effort you put forth in opening yourself up to the communication, the more you’ll learn.


Plants live in a different reality than we do… everything is slow paced and deliberate for them.

Have you ever seen a petunia chase a squirrel across your front yard?

If you have, you’re probably experimenting with plants in a way that goes beyond the scope of this post!

It takes time to tune in to the slower frequency at which plants exist… Patience is called for with this exercise. At first, neither you or the plant may be able to recognize anything in common to communicate through.

You will though, if you stick with it.

Follow along with the exercise below to get in tune with the abundant life that surrounds us… Plants!


Choose a plant that you wish to communicate with. It can be a houseplant or one that lives outside in your yard. Be open to the idea that the plant may be selecting you too… Choose one you feel drawn to.

Study the plant with your senses. What color is it? What does it smell like? Is it soft of bristly? Spend some time building a mental picture of all the details of your chosen plant.

Close your eyes and sense the plant in your mind. Don’t edit what appears. Remember, sometimes the spirit of something looks nothing like the physical object.

Form a connection with the spirit of the plant. Is it telling you anything? Listen closely… It may take a while as plants can be ponderous.

If you feel comfortable, ask the plant a question. Listen carefully for an answer. You may be surprised at what advice you receive.

On the physical plane, plants are not as active as we are. It’s easy to think of them as lesser beings, but they aren’t. Their spirit bodies are just as powerful as ours, even if they’re different in some ways. Learn to respect the plants and new doors of understanding will open for you…

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  1. This is the last thing I would have expected to read today but I LOVE IT!!! I have a special plant in my office that I now feel so much more connected to. It’s as you said we sort of choose each other 🙂

    1. Synchronicity at work! Your plant has been waiting…

  2. techgirl · · Reply

    Wow, thank you for such an enlightening post, I am glad I haven’t missed it. Yes I myself believe plants are a very equal being as us. I always am drawn towards plants and flowers, I used to pluck flowers when I was a kid but when I learnt in school about the pain it causes them, I had shed enough tears. I haven’t communicated with them though but surely they would be a good listener and a pleasant company. I would give it a try.

    Thank you again for this post.
    Do go through my blog, I may not be so thoughtful but hope you find something worthy of your interest.

    1. I’ll take a look at your blog for sure… I don’t pick flowers either, and taught my daughter when she was young to leave them on the plant… It’s better that way for everyone involved!

      1. techgirl · ·

        Yes exactly, childhood is the best time to teach a child. Thanks

  3. i talk to mypants and trees in my garden all the time. One tree is my wisdom tree named Elgin.

    1. Nice… I have a big oak in my front yard who I often talk to.

  4. When I read the part about talking to plants, I was reminded of the experiments Dr. Emoto conducted with water crystals. When kind words like gratitude were spoken, the water crystals were beautiful. Mean words caused deformed water crystals to form. So, talk nice!

    1. I’ve read about his studies and find them fascinating… Especially since were something like 60 percent water. Positive thoughts certainly influence us,as do negative.

  5. Our ancestors’ lives were so challenging, in ways very different from our own. But they were able to connect to nature in a way that most of us don’t in our more urban settings and high paced lifestyles. I’m collecting research about healing plants used by the early pioneers. They collected roots, leaves and flowers in the woods and grew a number of plants in their gardens that could bring down fevers and relieve pain. Great post, Doug. And very timely for me:)

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