Stay An Artist.



  1. Reblogged this on Odds & Ends from a lifelong artist and commented:
    THIS is one of my all time favorite quotes.

  2. Only the lucky do!

    1. We can all be lucky then…

  3. How very true!! Thanks for this. Love. Pat

    1. Glad you like it Pat…

  4. True for some, but for others we’ve always been artists and we always will. Impossible to live otherwise…the muse is too powerful, don’t you think Dugster?

    1. I agree… Some forget though.

  5. evgenygridneff · · Reply

    As an artist go back to childhood to see things anew

  6. What we do as a kid is artistic but we can definitely give our art a new shape and meaning as we grow up. Not everyone gets the opportunity to do something creative but yes there is always a decision that you can take up and start it now, if not full time, give yourself 2 hours of your day to fulfill what you enjoy doing most!


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  7. I also created one like this but with a photo of me when I was little

    1. Synchronicity! Cute picture…

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