Flying Away And Back Again.

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.~Leonardo da Vinci

Flying Away
Doug is not allowed in the city anymore...

Doug is not allowed in the city anymore…

We spent this weekend in Orlando, Florida. My daughter, who is now living with me, went to visit her mother who now lives in Virginia.

This is almost 700 miles from where we live. Flying was in order. There was one problem though…

My daughter had never flown and she was afraid to do so…

This little drama played out a week ago, as we dropped her off at the security checkpoint, unable to direct her on how to ride the tram or walk with her to her gate.

It all went well… She managed to befriend a couple of older flyers who helped her through the process.

I believe our weekly visits to see our friends at Penney Farms retirement community gave her the confidence and skills to do this…

My wife and I decided to go down the night before we had to pick up my daughter from her return flight… We had a mini vacation!

It wasn’t much, as vacations go. We rented a room at a hotel near the airport since the flight was getting in early. we spent the day wandering around Mills 50, a neighborhood that’s trying hard to revitalize itself.

It was fun. There’s an area called Little Saigon where the signs are in Vietnamese and the food is authentic. we had the best bahn mi sandwiches that exist on the planet at Nha Trang Subs… Check them out if you’re ever in town.

After the afternoon storms passed and the tornado watch lifted, we returned to the hotel and spent the evening in the hot tub. It doesn’t sound that exciting, but we needed some time away from real life…

My daughter arrived safely in the morning and we we waiting for her. She’s an old pro at flying now, it seems… She found that not only is she not afraid to fly, she enjoys it.

So, another hurdle in life was conquered and exposed as being a non issue. Flying isn’t scary and I don’t have to drive her halfway to Virgina for visits… Good.

Doug stayed home for the weekend. I needed a break from him, and he’s not allowed to enter Orlando City limits anyway… That’s a different story that will only embarrass Doug if I share it… It involves Disney world, too much rum,  tasers and scorched monkey fur…

I hope everyone had a good weekend as well…




  1. Mythoughts76 · · Reply

    Did Leonardo fly in his dreams?

    1. He may have. He certainly designed a few flying machines.Maybe he actually built them…

  2. I love this….as the planes soar daily from my terrace view…to be on one, that takes me home, is the longing to return to the skies for me

  3. nicciattfield · · Reply

    Hello, fellow blogger! A peaceful day to you!
    Congrats! You are nominated for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.
    You can check Community of bloggers via @wordpressdotcom


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    1. Thank you! I appreciate the award…

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