Finding Your Animal Spirit.

We are the storytelling animal.~Salman Rushdie

What Is An Animal Spirit Guide?
Doug thinks I'm his spirit animal...

Doug thinks I’m his spirit animal…

Getting in touch with your animal spirit aspect brings great benefits into your life.

The animal is a spirit body that is outside of yourself, but connected with you.

Some spirits stay with us our whole lives, such as Crow has for me.

Others will appear to you for specific tasks or challenges and may stay for just a short time.

Others may stay with you for years, until you learn a particular lesson. Then, it too will go.

Since animal spirits are not part of us, we can use them to access information that isn’t part of our spirit body… They help us interact with the larger creation that is life. They are our guides…

Some people prefer to think of their spirit guides as humans, or even angels. That’s fine, and they exist. But right now we’re focusing on animal spirit guides, who are as real as human-like spirit guides.

Most cultures in the past honored animals for their wisdom. It’s only in today’s society that many have forgotten that we travel through life hand in  paw with animals.

Meeting Your Spirit Guide

Do you have a favorite animal already in mind that you’re sure is your spirit guide? Maybe it is, and maybe it isn’t. The following exercise should be done with a clear and open mind. Don’t try to force a result. Let the discovery unfold naturally.

One time I went to discover what animal was helping me out at a particular time in my life, and I was shocked to find it was Lemur! Be open to anything…


Relax and close your eyes. Call up the image of your entrance to the earth that you created before. Travel downwards until you arrive at a peaceful landscape of your choosing.

Sit on the ground and focus on being there… Engage all of your senses and make the landscape come alive.

Imagine an animal off to the side, where you can’t see it. Invite the animal to approach you. Be patient and let it happen. If nothing happens that’s OK… Just try again later.

What animal approaches you? Remember, animal guides can sometimes appear in forms other than its true form. If this is the case. ask the guide to take its true form.

Ask the animal to share its qualities with you. What does it offer? What is it good at helping with?

Thank the guide and have it go. Imagine another animal if you wish, or even more than one. If a particular guide show up more than once that’s a strong indicator that it’s your primary animal spirit guide.

You can do this exercise as many times as you want. Sometimes you’ll meet animals who are not your guides- they’ll come and go. The ones that appear multiple times are there to help you.

Avoid animals that act aggressively though. These are usually obstacles that you need to overcome and they won’t be offering any help.

This website has a lot of good information about the various animal spirit guides you may meet. If your particular animal isn’t listed do a Google search with the animal name and spirit guide… Something will come up…

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  1. Thank you Doug for sharing your “pensées”… writing is a great tool for happiness. I would love to be in touch with my animal spirit one day!

    1. It’s easy to do. There are more in depth ways of finding your animal guide, but the one I presented works… Give it a try.

  2. Fabulous ! So important !

  3. This is a great exercise, and one of my favorite ways of connecting with the greater ecology all around us. Heron has been my guide for quite some time now.

  4. sarvjit · · Reply

    Wonderful! The process is easy. I’ll let you know once I’ve found. Thank you!

  5. Mythoughts76 · · Reply

    My animal spirit guide is the squirrel. We have a pair of nesting crows who are stripping the shredded bark from branches of a tulip tree for nesting materials. I saw them return for more as I sat here typing.

  6. Fantastic, Doug. You serve Life just doing what you are doing. Animal Spirits are real and are part of many cultures. If I had an animal spirit it would likely be a dog, since I was born in the year of..
    For now, human spirit who seems to have adopted (or possessed) me is almost more then enough for me to cope with, if I am coping. There is a world beyond what we can see with our eyes. You help to open that door to a community of love. May you be cared for by all the animal spirits you help others to access.

    1. Thanks Jean- There’s much more to reality than we can see… I’m glad more people are becoming open to this idea. Spirit guides, both animal and other, are helping with this transition, I think.

      1. I totally agree.

  7. I love what you two have been doing lately! Awesome articles on spiritual topics! I particularly enjoyed this one (and the ones on the elements) : )

    1. Thanks! We’ve been traveling the spiritual road lately with our posts. I think I lost a few followers but I also gained some.

  8. Awesome thread! I was able to meet one of my spirit guides, a bear named Lenny! I usually have a lot of difficulty with concentrating during these types of exercises but I didn’t have that trouble at all with this method. Does anyone know any good methods for communicating with spirit guides? I seem to have a lot of trouble concentrating during that.

    Going to try your exercise seems like I coudl catch on to it easier then others i have tried thank you!

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