Who Are You?

tolle (Small)


  1. Really enjoying your insights, Doug.

  2. yeah so watch out for the clones lol.what a trip john…is what it is the freedom of werdpress i guess,, but very dishonest by some that are many different id’s and multiple personalities, can’t judge it it jest is what it is Nutz….fearbased nutz, remind me not to eat any of them anymore ok! Q

    1. Hey Q- I’ll remind you! You just have to listen though…

  3. tanks Doug this has been a powerful little reminder to let go and monkey around. Sometimes me the thinker argues and complains but that other part of me never argues back – never gets caught up in the place of lack. I don’t thinks but I still Am..

    1. Hey Paul- It’s easy to bring our focus down to a tiny problem and lose sight of the greater sweep of our lives. Our brains try to do this all the time… We need to counter this tendency.

  4. Regenerating Nations · · Reply

    I’m still on the journey of not believing everything I thing. I think I’m concurring a few smaller thoughts but there r some stubborn stronger ones I want to take the power away from ;).

    1. I’m starting to believe this is central to life… We’ll probably be doing this until the day we pass on.

  5. Deep. You actually made my two neurons that I have left and which by the way are fighting among themselves think. Good post.

    1. Thanks Charly…

  6. Interesting insight! I’ll have to ponder this idea for a bit and see where it takes me 🙂

    1. Let me know if you come up with anything amazing…

  7. Hi, again, Doug. I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t following you. But, now that I am, I hope…
    In the meantime, I had a great idea for your book. Instead of The Adventures of Dough and Spirit Animal Friends, what about episodes of you telling a new-age, real-life, bedside story to your child. We can pretend she is any age you feel comfortable with. First, you tell her, perhaps in answer to a routine question of hers, such as, What dull or exciting things happened to you, today, Dad.
    Then you give her the so-called common-place recall of today’s events. She listens (unless you want her to be a he – in which case he listens) and then, because you always end with confessing not knowing how that all happened or why, she/he suggests that we ask Monkey and his friends, in case they had something to do with it. Then, the stuffed animals, who are manifestations of (or possessed by) guiding spirits, explain just what roles they played in the scenarios, and why. The nighttime story ends with both you and your child understanding, from your own unique perspectives that you do have friends in high, or unseen to human-eye places. The story could end with your wife calling you to a favorite TV show or whatever.
    Just an idea.

    1. I really like this idea! Thanks for sharing it with me… It meshes with my real life as I do have a daughter, and I do believe that everything has a spirit…

      This is the kind of book I would have bought for my daughter when she was younger… I love children’s books so I’d buy it for myself now!

      You’ve given me a lot of good ideas to think about. Thank you… I really appreciate it.

      1. You will do so great. A world of children’s libraries is waiting for you.

      2. Your encouragement is appreciated! I need to get to work…

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