Annnnd… We’re Back!

When my dad was badly weakened by the flu and my mom wanted to call an ambulance to take him to the emergency room, he wouldn’t go unless he could shave first and change into a nice shirt and a pair of slacks.~Rich Lowry

Doug wasn't sick, he just wanted to lay around all week...

Doug wasn’t sick, he just wanted to lay around all week…

This is the first time in eight days I’ve been able to look at my laptop screen without getting a splitting headache… Yes, I had ( and am still recovering from) the flu.

I got sick within a matter of minutes eight days ago. What I thought were my seasonal allergies turned out to be the sickest I’ve been  in my life.

I literally ( and I’m not overusing this word like Doug does) slept for the first four days, except for getting up a couple times a day for obvious reasons.

My 103 degree fever lasted for three days and I couldn’t eat for five… I had to force myself to drink just to stay hydrated.

I’m a lot better now- just expelling the last bits of nasty that started living in my head… Still sleeping a lot though.

Doug was supposed to write posts while I was convalescing, but you see what you get when you leave a monkey in charge… Nothing.

I have a ton of comments to catch up on… Sorry to those of you who wrote and I didn’t get back to you yet. This weekend is set aside for catching up, blog housekeeping and maybe a post about the cool flu related things I discovered over the past week.

Next week will be back to business as usual, starting with a new post in the Connect With Your True Self Series. Doug and I are at it again and we can’t wait to get back into the blogging groove!


  1. Welcome back, Doug – take it easy! 🙂

  2. Welcome back but take it slow…

    1. Thanks Jane, I am. Still not 100 percent yet…

  3. Hi Doug, best wishes, Phil Stanfield

  4. Glad you’re back and feeling better!

  5. Happy to read you are felling better. Welcome back.

    Hydrate, and motivate.


    1. I’m doing both… Almost all better.

  6. Hey Doug, Take John outside to sit under a tree with a nice picnic and a good book. You really need to look after him better. M.

    1. He needs to look after me! I almost starved when I was sick because he was too “busy” to cook…

  7. Welcome back! Take good care of yourselves and each other.

    1. Thanks Joanna…

  8. Hey, so sorry to hear you got hit like that. Keep drinking!

  9. WELCOME BACK! Glad you’re back on your feet and feeding your hungry keyboard with typing again 🙂 Stay hydrated and listen to your body. Taking care and resting is verrrrrrry good medicine. Best, Christine (and LittleBoxBigStamp!)

    1. Thanks Christine! I’m almost back… This flu doesn’t want to let go. I’m up and about at least…

  10. nicciattfield · · Reply

    Yay, you’re back!

  11. Get well, buddy!

  12. My take on that is that when I can walk in to the Dr or the hospital, I’m not sick. Nothing but a scratch….

  13. Regenerating Nations · · Reply

    Go easy on yourself big guy! It’s a shame Doug wasn’t as helpful as he should’ve been. Naughty monkey!
    Touch wood I’ve not had the flu in a long time. I’m currently getting over a a severe throat infection which has a lovely head cold mixed in. Glad u r back in action kiddo

    1. Thanks! Still not all the way better but working on it…

      1. Regenerating Nations · ·

        Just don’t push too hard matie!

  14. Hopefully Doug at least brought you water.

    1. Just enough to keep me alive…

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