Be Like A Stone.

The observer, when he seems to himself to be observing a stone, is really, if physics is to be believed, observing the effects of the stone upon himself.~Bertrand Russell

Look To The Ground
Hey! I've been waiting for you to find me and take me home!

Hey! I’ve been waiting for you to find me and take me home!

As I shared before, I regularly walk in the nature preserve that borders my property. I was walking along a trail a couple days ago and found a rock. This may not seem unusual to you, but we don’t have rocks in Florida… At least not basalt, which is what I think it is…

It was almost like the stone was waiting for me to find it…

I’ll never know how this particular stone found its way to the middle of no where, far away from where it was created.

That’s not important though. What’s important is that this little stone reminded me that everything, including stones, have a unique place in reality, and everything has stories and lessons to share, if we know how to listen.

Stones Have Spirit Bodies Too

I took the rock home and keep it with all my other finds that are spiritual reminders for me. Stones have powerful energy fields, with each one having different properties depending on the type.

We can use the techniques we’ve learned to get in touch with our spirit bodies to “listen” to a stone too. This is a good first step to start forming connections with the greater energy field that flows through everything.


Start being aware of stones as you go about your day. Look for them and at them. You’ll soon find one that catches your attention. Pick it up and bring it home with you, or wherever else you can go for a few minutes of alone time.

Sit with the stone and study in carefully. Pay attention to the color, temperature, texture and shape. Turn it over in your hands and look at it from all angles.

Use your newly developed skills of imagining and communicate with the stone. What are its properties? What feelings do you receive from your examination of the rock?

Can these properties be used to help you in a situation in your life? If so, keep the stone fora while and let the positive energy interact with your spirit body.

Does it have something to tell you? Is there a message based on where and how you found it? Think hard and recall the specifics of how you crossed paths.


I do not have hands nor pockets… I will not be carrying your stone.

Wait for the answers to form in your mind. This is another way to get to know yourself, as the answers will rise from deep within.

Let them flow naturally and listen without judgement. Let the stone help you tease out your answers.

Now What?

Try this with other stones you find. You’ll get different impressions from each…

You can keep the stone in a special place or return it to where you found it.

Just don’t ask your cat to return it back to where it was found for you. I tried that with Sasha, one of the kitties that came with my daughter.

She just looked at me funny and kept sunning herself… I guess I’ll keep my new stone…

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  1. This is fabulous as the Mineral Kingdom is in Movement! And please if your stones are to go back to the Earth, please return them. Fabulous post ! Remember – we ARE nature! ❤

  2. mind = blown! good stuff, ain’t it?!

  3. Reblogged this on oaxaqueñapatia and commented:
    “… everything, including stones, have a unique place in reality, and everything has stories and lessons to share, if we know how to listen.”

  4. Doug, you are so right about this. I still have a rock that my grandmother found that fits perfectly into a little basket. It’s a great rock.

  5. Regenerating Nations · · Reply

    I do love and appreciate the stone but I think I lean toward trees a bit more

  6. analyticalperspective · · Reply

    Interesting perspective.

  7. Must share this synchronicity! So today I was feeling a bit anxious, most likely because this new project has my mind spinning in a million different directions. I have a stone which I’ve used for about 5 months, this rock came to me from my 3 year old, he said I must have this rock. Well he was right I’ve used this rock almost daily since I’ve recieved it and as you do I asked it its property’s, purpose, etc. It told me it was a healing stone. It has actually taught me how to use it, telling me to allow it to absorb crappy energy I’m holding so it can release it into a place to be transmuted. Anyways, as I said today I felt over run with ideas leading to anxiety so I did something I normally don’t do, I asked rock if I could merge with it, I want to see how it feels to be strong and centered like a rock. Wow, it was amazing!

    After a bit I decided I’m going to check out your blog and read your articles as connecting with others inspires me and moves me to my own action (thanks for this) and I clicked on this series and what was the first to catch my attention, of course this one. I laughed, yes yes rock, I get it!

    1. Synchronicity is a powerful force! I’m glad your rock led you to my blog… I have a couple stones that I carry in my pocket everywhere I go… At least, I did. Both of them decided to go elsewhere.

      That’s something that stones do though. They go where they’re needed. I like to think someone found them and treasure them… They’re beautiful.

      I’ll get a couple more when the time is right.

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