I Hope…

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  2. katebortell · · Reply

    Me too…….

  3. Isabeau D'anjou 1981 · · Reply

    Great sentiment… except, this is not a “new” spirituality… several thousand years ago, before the “new” religions began to take over – there already were a myriad of Earth-centred or Earth-based spiritualities or religions. These belief systems knew that Gods/Goddesses had many names and aspects, and tended to often be tolerant of other belief systems. Today we call them Pagans, and there are myriad ways to be a Pagan, dual deities, a deity and a consort, one deity… and recognising that there is no one right way. Its already “out there”… it has been a very long time. Perhaps Walsche’s idea is that we are finally letting go of religious dogma and returning to our spiritual roots…

    1. I realize all this- I’ve been a shamanic practitioner for many years, and involved with pagans for over thirty years, along with almost every other flavor of religion there is. Spirituality has always been a passion of mine…

      The point of this post was to share the hope that this will be the de facto standard for everyone, including mainstream religions…

      1. Isabeau D'anjou 1981 · ·

        I still like the post and hopefully this type of sentiment is permeating globally… and most of all to those in “power” who make the far-reaching decisions and model the far-reaching decisions of blame and intolerance. I do enjoy your posts, Doug and Monkey

  4. We are creating the new spirituality.

    1. I believe so too…

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    We need a spirituality that binds all humans together with their universe. Religion comes from the Latin ligio which means to bind together. In this sense, a new spirituality would bind us together and accept the differences that are so exquisitely revealed.

  6. John, you in Truth, this is Truly a NEW ERA, never seen before in the history of the Universe – ever! we are evolving as humans, into Divine Humans. This is truly a “new” spirituality.” Everything since the Galactic opening is NEW. Literally. You hold great wisdom within you !

    1. Thanks Julie! Sorry for taking so long to respond… I’ve had the flu the past couple weeks and am finally catching up on comments.

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    I think this is the way spiritual exploration must proceed if we are to survive as thinking creatures.

  8. Yes, yes, yes, yes.

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