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I’m starting to make my own inspirational images instead of sharing ones I find. I’m also offering this as a cheap service for others. Check out my inspirational graphic service at Fiverr. Other services are available there as well…


  1. This is an excellent move,,,’break a leg’ as the saying goes…Godspeed in all your endevours…g

    1. Thanks Gregory- I’m trying different ideas out in hopes of expanding my reach online.

      1. Me too, if you would like to share your disoveries I’d love to hear your advice, and I would gladly do the same there are several books about business which have helped me. But I have yet to implement the ideas, ideals in total…hang on going to get the titles…These titles are public domain and available from the applestore, i believe have to find exact address::: “How to Promote your Business” Lisa Saunders,,,, 2011copywrite, Smashwords Edition,,,, I believe this is correct these books were obtained from the store…Doug i’ll confirm this with my son, I have this new smart phone I’m not an expert at using the smart phone…
        Other titles, reviewed this one: “Doing Business The Spiritual Way”, Timo ten Cate and Janneke Kromkamp, 2011, Smashwords Edition, this book contains small power paragraphs of organization and motivation, “The Website Design Playbook” Rob Burns, c 2013, Smashwords Edition. If not mistaken this book talks about the internet as a huge bazaar/market where everyone is the same trying to sell the same thing> this is the matrix/model of business :::questions posed around what makes you uniquie and how can you stand out and be successful providing the customer with your expertise, what ever your expertise is you need to create: trust, happy customers and repeated or repeate customers who will advertise for you because you created, trust, happy customers and identified the unique niche’ in you and your product. If I am too long winded please disregard, there is more but I need to re-read and study these titles and others more. The first citation: the Saunders book: “How to Promote Your Busiess” is an excellent book, these titles are short and sweet but have practical information and an excellent basic approach to skills although simple basic are the foundation of successfull communication and a successfull business. My son-in-law is a small businessman, we were talking about football, and He was discussing the difference of great historical football players, Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, etc. The best #1 and #2 or even #3 are all pretty much the same, excellent in talent, perserverance, desire, persisitence perhaps positive attitude etc, then my son-in-law says what is the difference between #1 and #2 ???? silence lingers, I start talking about W. Payton running up mounds of lose gravel for hours on end after practice time is done. So my son-in-law says it is they work at least 1% more or 1% harder all the time and that in the finality makes them achieve to become #1. I don’t know It really seems to make a lot of sense…Best to Ya Doug,,, Please advise if you would like to share more about what I am studying it may help you and that would be great…. Best to Ya Yours Truely greg

      2. Hey Greg- Thanks for sharing the resources. I’ll check them out. My problem is I’m not really business oriented. I’ve always been a creator, not a marketer.

        I’m struggling with this now. I’ve created something that seems to be popular, Doug the monkey and my blog, but am not sure where to go from here. I keep writing posts and updating my blog, but basically it’s a hobby since I don’t make any money from it.

        I started listing gigs on Fiverr which I’ll be sharing on my blog after I get a few more posted. Other than that, I’m thinking about writing a few e-books… I just don’t really have an idea how to make a living from this, even though I would love to,

        Maybe the books you suggested will have some answers… I do put a lot of effort into my blog.I guess I need to learn how to leverage the work into something that is beneficial for me too.

      3. Doug Your site gets alot of hits, I too ,,, like you do not get all the business stuff but must learn to use this weakness to create a strength… will forward condensed ideas to you and we will learn together… My aim is to create a job to retire into and use my BFA as I was a college Art Student on scholarship…regards greg

      4. I’m sort of retired myself… After being injured at my government job I’ve been on temporary disability. That’s about to end and I’ll need to pay my own way. The job front is weak and I’ve decided to make it on my own…Trying to figure out how at least.

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