There’s Room For Everyone’s Reality.


I have a great interest in a subject that I never write about- Science. The more I study science the more I realize there is so much we cannot explain… And I’m sure there’s much more that we don’t even know exists and can’t even imagine an explanation for.

This is why I’m open to all theories, beliefs and “truths”. Chances are, they’re all right, to some degree… The universe is vast and strange, and there’s room for everything that we can imagine.


  1. Way to go !!!

    be open to Everything ! empty yourself out and Everything will come in.

    Theories change by the second. But TRUTH you hold within yourself. Physicists are getting closer and closer to TRUTH !

  2. I love the way you think Doug. You’re one smart monkey 😉

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    I do wish though sometimes that the real reality would stand up and wave sometimes so I could work out how far offshore I am from it.

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  5. Yes, now days science and spirituality are going hand-by-hand and together are coming out with astonishing THRUTHS, which I fully believe myself…xx

    1. Hey Gloria! It’s good to hear from you again. I believe that science and spirituality are beginning to merge as well… I’m fascinated with quantum physics and how it is beginning to prove certain spiritual beliefs and practices… It’s all so exciting!

  6. Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve taken the liberty of adding it to my “quotable” collection on my blog. Big fan of Doug’s monkey-fueled inspiration and antics!

  7. I like science too, and I love the interrelatedness between it and spirituality. It’s great when one validates the other too.

    1. Exactly Penny- There seems to be a convergence of the two happening.

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