Know Yourself.

You never know yourself till you know more than your body.~Thomas Traherne

Sensing Issues

Doug and I have been sharing exercises to help get in touch with your inner self… To integrate all aspects of you. We’ve been using our imaginations to connect with different levels of our consciousness and to get a better feeling for what we actually are.

So far, we’ve shared how to feel your spirit body as well as how to see it. Now we’ll start on learning what the information is telling us and later, what we can do to improve what we find.

This next exercise is sort of a diagnostic exam… We’ll use it to sense if there are problems within our spirit body that may be affecting our physical selves. Many problems manifest in our bodies as physical problems but are actually problems that started in our spirit bodies…

Doug checking things out... Getting to know himself.

Doug checking things out… Getting to know himself.

I just did a quick check in with myself while writing this post.

With my eyes shut, I sensed the boundaries of my spirit body… I relaxed and felt the limits.

Stepping outside of myself, I sensed the color… It’s a pale yellow, as usual. There seems to be a weakness down near my feet… I’m not extending downwards.

I expand the area in my mind, visualizing and feeling my energy flowing to the weakened area.

Looking over my spirit body, I see some dark areas around my shoulders. I wipe it away and flood the area with fresh energy, and imagine the shoulder area to be brighter…My shoulders have been feeling sore this morning.

This is a quick checkup that can be performed at any time… During breaks at work, when waking up in the morning or when going to bed at night. You may not believe in the energy body as something real, and that’s OK. We’re using our imaginations, remember? But the benefits of being in tune with your body, of examining it with all your senses and imagination, are real…


Relax and close your eyes. Sense the boundaries of your spirit body, step out of yourself (in your imagination) and see your spirit body…

Look yourself over. What do you see and feel? Is everything uniform and “clean” looking and feeling?

Are there areas of your body that seem to be missing energy, or look dense or muddy? If so, imagine more energy flowing to these parts. Brighten them up.

Are parts of your spirit body pulled in, or maybe extending too far out? If so, try to expand or contract as needed… We’re aiming for a uniform spirit body. If you feel inspired, you can shape your spirit body with your hands, like you’re working with clay.

I’m an artist so this is a natural way for me to maintain my energy. Rub, pat, pull and massage the weak areas you sense…

Get To Know Yourself

This exercise can be done quickly throughout the day. The main benefit from doing this is taking a couple minutes to concentrate on how your body feels… Much of our life is lived on autopilot and we lose touch with ourselves.

Doing this exercise relieves stress and anxiety… And, it just might help you fix issues before they become real problems…

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  1. When I am home alone is the best time to clear my Chakras. I use the Doreen Virtue Chara clearing CD sometimes. I first imagine my body full of devine light, and then my aura is filled with divine white light, Then I follow along as she has us clear each chakra from the root at the base of my spine until I reach my purple crown chakra the the top of my head. Even though I have a vivid imagination I have a hard time ‘seeing” the impurities in each chakra. I can imagine I see the darkness if I know that chakra’s body part has an ailment, or my mood may be off and I imagine my solar plexus and heart chakras are affected. But in the end I just “see” each chakra as filled with white light and pushing out any negativity. I always and I do mean always feel much better after my chakras are cleared, balanced and enlarged.

    1. Thanks for sharing your technique Lorraine. Finding what works for you is important… I’ve found these types of exercises to be beneficial. The important part is being in touch with ourselves, which I feel isn’t done enough by most people.

  2. so great AND such GREAT art work ! ❤

  3. I’ve been enjoying my meditation exercises lately… and I agree with juliecalvey! I will try Lorraine’s method, too 🙂

    1. Good Dave. There will be more to come this week!

  4. Madhatterdiary · · Reply

    ……..I love your blog and love this exercise……..often, I can do this exercise though too good, if you know what I mean, lol……..dissociation often causes out of body experiences (but usually only in times of stress)…..I do have many relaxation techniques I am to do regularly and this one is really good. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to your next post 🙂

    1. Hey Karen- I’m glad you’re finding the exercises useful. You never know what may happen if you allow yourself to be fully involved in these types of things… That’s good though. I often learn new things about myself and gain new insights in this way.

      1. Art By Karen M Purves · ·

        Thanks, I will certainly keep enjoying your posts and working on the exercises 🙂

  5. As a life coach I am always asking clients to reconnect with themselves using similar exercise you and Doug use here. I think the “conscious” living ( being aware of every moment as it unfolds in your life) is highly connected to awareness of self and body. Put the two together and KABLAM! you’re cooking and connecting with your soul! I love how you use the color imagery and are asking people to settle into themselves. I think the key word we can all use is “pause”. Take time to pause several times a day… a self check. Good stuff. Thank you for this blog post.

    1. Thanks Maria- I’m presenting this material in a way that I hope is accessible to most people…

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