Sensing The Extent Of Ourselves.

I sometimes ask people, ‘Can you be aware of your own presence? Not the thoughts that you’re having, not the emotions that you’re having, but the very presence of your very being?’ You become aware of your own presence by sensing the entire energy field in your body that is alive. And that is the totality of your presence.`Eckhart Tolle

Sensing Our Boundaries
Doug expanding himself.

Doug expanding himself.

Our spirit bodies are affected by life and circumstances as much as our physical bodies are. Both gather scars and trauma, and both must be cared for healed.

Most people are tuned into their physical bodies but not into their spiritual bodies.

This can lead to wounds that are not cared for on the spiritual level, which can lead to problems manifesting in the physical body.

Now it’s time to begin exploring the idea of spirit bodies and unseen energy fields.

Doug and I do a few simple exercises that we’ll share with you that help to understand that we’re more than our physical selves.

This first exercise will give you a sense of being more than your skin and bones. Read through it a couple times so that you can follow along without reading… It’s pretty quick and easy.


Relax, close your eyes and start to sense the limits of your body. Feel the boundary of your physical self, starting with the top of your head and moving down.

Imagine as if you’re traveling over the surface of your physical body and establishing the boundary that begins with your skin.

Imagine that your body is a balloon. Fill it with air and let it expand outwards… Push your physical boundary out two feet or so… You should feel that your body takes up two feet beyond your actual physical self.

Hold this feeling in your mind… Explore it. How do you fit through a door? What does it feel like brushing against the door frame, squeezing through it?

What does it feel like if you approach another person?Imagine bumping into them with your expanded self.

Shrink yourself back down to your physical limit… How did it feel? Try it again a few times to get used to it.

This exercise gives you an idea of what your spirit body feels like. We’ll expand on this idea with more exercises and discussion. Keep pushing your boundaries out as described in this exercise… Explore different situations in your imagination where you’re two feet thicker in all directions.

You’ll realize that you’re more aware of your surroundings when you expand your boundary of self. This exercise is putting you in touch with the idea that we’re more than our skin… We’re more than we give ourselves credit for.

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  1. Reblogged this on Storm Wolf Words and commented:
    Excellent post Doug… Very few people understand the importance in KNOWING how your Energy Body affects the physical… For example, how feelings of unforgiveness can manifest in sickness and disease…

  2. Great post. I will try and mean more than once your techniques as you mentioned above. I’ll let you know how I get on.

    1. OK Maria- Let me know how it goes for you.

      1. I tried it before I went to sleep for the last two nights, as sleeping has become a problem for me. It worked . Thank you. I had a great sleep for six hours which is approximately two more than I have been getting.

        Its a strange feeling, not light headed or weird but uplifting, relaxing and calming.

  3. EXCELLENT !!!! so proud of you monkeys !!!

  4. John – Great post! I love Doug’s aura too 🙂 In yoga this life energy is called Prana. The breath is used to increase prana in the body and allows it to move through us to energize and heal. I’d love to see Doug doing yoga!

    1. Hey Val- Thanks! I’ve done yoga in the past but Doug never has. Maybe we’ll both pick it up again…

  5. I am going to try this exercise today… 🙂

    1. I did try the exercise… and I noticed while doing the “inflating balloon” part… my head tingled… every time. Well, I just did it again a few times (with my eyes open sitting right here) — and my head tingled again, each time! Can others try this too and see if the same thing happens? Sorry… I’ve done meditation tapes but I am no meditation or pranic breath expert! I’m glad you posted this today, John. 🙂

      1. Thanks Dave- I’ve had a tingling feeling in different parts of my body when doing this exercise. Are you still getting it?

      2. Actually, I should have described the sensation more clearly — it was tingling in the back of my head behind my ears, and the back of my neck, and the hairs on my neck would stand up, and then there would be a thrush of sudden “chill” energy, which would “wash over” the top of my head. This morning when I did it, I felt that energy in my feet, chins, lower back, shoulder blades and shoulders… then it went to that same place in the back of my head… on to the crown “wave” I described. I think it;s really cool, even though i don’t technically know what is happening… Regardless, it feels like some sort of progress, and it feels good 😉

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  7. Andy Warhol said that some people take up more than their allotted space and some people take up less. This is a good exercise to take up the correct amount of spiritual space. (I tend not to get along with those in the first category…..I used to though. They seemed so confident)

    1. It’s good to find a balance in how much space we take up.

  8. boobooda7 · · Reply

    I have felt my energy body more than once so I can say for myself that I absolutely know that these other non-seeable energies truly exist. Am glad we are in a day and age when things like this can be spoken of, honored and worked with. Thanks for your enlightening post.

    1. Thanks Geo- It seems like more people are turning towards this way of thinking. Hopefully it will be taught alongside of earth science and geometry one day…

  9. Reblogged this on Allowing Young People and commented:
    The extent of Mindfulness where the physical experience meets the monkey Spirit

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  11. […] the last exercise, Doug and I shared how to feel your spirit body. Now we’re going to see what it looks like, with […]

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