Make Time For Rest.

Most people are so busy knocking themselves out trying to do everything they think they should do, they never get around to what they want to do.~Kathleen Winsor

Doug and I have been taking a break of sorts over the past week. We’ve been doing less with the blog and putting our efforts towards developing a new business plan that we thought up… It’s going well and we’ll share details after it’s developed a bit more.

This weekend is the first one in months where I haven’t spent many hours on my laptop, working on this blog… The break is refreshing… We’re about to head out for the day and enjoy the sunshine.

Sunbathing in the fur...

Sunbathing in the fur…

Tomorrow will be back to business as usual with a new post in our Connect With Your True Self  series…

But today, I’m going to enjoy real life…And so is Doug.

He’s already planted in his favorite piece of sunshine with his buddy The Great Catsby.

I don’t expect either one of them will be doing much else today…


  1. Open Up Life · · Reply

    This is true. I find myself trying to do everything and I am losing myself. So, I am now going to slow down, rest and rejuvinate. Thank you for sharing. May your day be peaceful, blessed and blissful!

    1. Thank you- I’m going to slow down a bit too… It’s hard to go full speed all the time.

      1. Open Up Life · ·

        Yes, it is. If you go too fast, you end up hurting yourself.

  2. LOL You two Monkeys are way too cute for me ! 🙂

  3. spartacus2030 · · Reply

    You don’t suppose you could find it in your hearts to loan me $50,000 on a payment plan do you?

    1. Sure- As long as you don’t mind it being pink and green… I don’t play that board game much anyway…

      1. spartacus2030 · ·

        LOL! Nice one!

  4. It’s only with age that I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty of rest. Doug and the Great Catsby are a wonderful reminder of how good this can be. P.S. my New Year’s resolution (and I rarely make one) this year was to spend less time on the computer and more time doing things that lift my spirit and feed my soul.

    1. That’s a good resolution. My problem is I resolve to get away from the computer but end up checking various things anyway… It’s hard to give iy up.

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