What Will You Talk About?



  1. A positive mind works more productively, than one bound by negativity. Gratitude comes when you appreciate the things you have, without focusing on how much more the next individual has. That’s why this post resonates. Very nice.

    1. Exactly, Errol. I work every day to bring the positive in my life to the forefront.

  2. I likes the way you thinks 😉

  3. And give gratitude every day for all that you have ! Even if all you have is a roof over your head, a cell phone, or even shoes to walk in. Give Gratitude to the Universe and the Universe will give it right back to you. Blessings

    1. It certainly puts us in a better frame of mine, one where we can see all the good we already have.

  4. Mythoughts76 · · Reply

    I had to post this one on my Facebook Timeline as a reminder to myself and my readers.

    1. Good! Spread the happiness.

  5. Love the pic and the how you think.

  6. Where you have your focus, is what you will get – so better to focus on your blessings.

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