Who Are You?



  1. This is the most fundamental and most important question anyone can ask oneness. Who Am I? Especially today as more and more of us are waking up. In fact, when the answer to this question comes to you, i guarantee you, you WILL wake up to the truth of you. GREAT post !

  2. AND when you wake up to the truth of you – you will FALL in LOVE with yourself !

  3. Want what you have! Yes! When you really love yourself, you can only better assist, love and support those around you too.

    1. Very true. We need to break away from the brainwashing of “never enough”.

  4. so agreed!.those without a conscience can keep playing multiple personality cover up games till one day it catches up with thier soul huh! kewl one 🙂

    1. Like a movie plot!

  5. Hi thank you for following my blogs, loving yours also.

  6. Can’t tell what’s worse: failing at the greatest challenge, or failing at the second greatest one… With the former you live in ignorance, with the latter you live in pain.

    1. True… So we better not fail at either!

  7. I find myself trying to mesh these two together: Discovering who I am and Creating who I am. Maybe the discovery of who I am is that I can create who I want to be. Just a thought…

    1. I think you have it right- We decide who we want to be… That’s a powerful realization.

  8. Reblogged this on Find Your Middle Ground and commented:
    Today’s inspiration is ….
    “The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are. The second greatest is being happy with what you find.” Thanks Doug!

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