Guard Your Thoughts.



  1. analyticalperspective · · Reply

    Amen to that. REBT, brother!

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    Very Very True

  3. Where do you find these !?! Best Quote Pictures Ever.

    1. Thanks! I follow a lot of interesting Facebook pages, and many of them posts lots of inspirational stuff… I pick my favorite one of the day and share it.

      1. Thanks for sharing! Ive been relying on only pinterest but now I’ll check out facebook for some inspiration too 🙂

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    Warning: The mind is a powerful thing

  5. Mythoughts76 · · Reply

    Thoughts are made of energy and they create words also made of energy. Negative thoughts and words attract negative energy and outcomes into our lives. WE need to think positively and speak positively in order to be happy.

  6. Mythoughts76 · · Reply

    IN other words Like attracts Like. Love attracts more love, hate attracts more hate. So let’s keep it positive!

    1. It’s difficult to do at first, but becomes easier with time.

  7. What you think about filters into your heart and your heart is the seed of motivation and fuels the brain and soul. It’s a vicious cycle! Guard our hearts & minds!

    1. True! It’s difficult to change lifelong patterns, but it can be done.

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