Meeting Your True Self.

The reason I talk to myself is that I’m the only one whose answers I accept.~ George Carlin

Be Your Own Guide

In our last post, Doug and I explained how to create a safe place with imagination. This place, which takes the form of an opening in the ground, can be used for thinking and meditating.

Consult with your true self...

Consult with your true self…

We will also use it as a portal through which we’ll visit with our inner, true self. Our true self, as Doug and I will be writing about, is the part of us that we are inside…

Who we are without masks and expectations. Our true self is who speaks to us at night when we’re laying awake pondering life.

I’ve found it useful to visualize my true self as a separate entity. In this way, I can pose questions to him and listen to the responses.

We spend all day unquestioning ourselves while being bombarded by the stimulus of life…

Clear thinking and thoughtful problem solving are difficult to achieve like this.

By imagining a journey to meet with our true selves we’re devoting all of our thoughts and attention to the questions we have. We’re not trying to make career decisions while deciding what’s for dinner, which is how our brains usually work. We’re setting aside time to look inward, get in touch with who we are and address any questions or issues with our full attention, and with our true self.

Building a portal

The opening we created in our minds in the last post will be expanded upon. We’re going to create a tunnel leading downward, through which we’ll travel to meet our true self. By using this method, we’ll put ourselves in a mindset to hear our own truths. By imagining our questions as an actual journey, it will be easier to arrive at an answer… That’s because we’ll be on a mental journey with a destination to speak with someone about our questions.

Our brains are funny things… By creating a story like this, I’ve found it much easier to have a valid dialogue with myself. Decision making is easier when all of our attention is devoted to doing so.

In our next post, we’ll present an exercise that will guide you down the tunnel to meet your true self. You may be surprised what form it takes… It will change depending on the questions or problems that need to be resolved. Accept what you present your true self to be… Its form speaks loudly about what your inner self is really like…

Next-Create a path inward.


  1. Some of my best conversations have been with myself.

  2. I am looking forward to this next exercise Doug and John.
    Just last night and as the last stage of a class I was participating in we, the class, were led on a self-actualization journey to meet our higher selves by using imagery and introspection. For me, the great thing was, aside from how good I felt after the excercise, forming a mental image of myself. It is strangely comforting to be able to visualize this version of me and as you might expect, being familiar with me as you are, rather amusing as well. All good it was.
    This will be great stuff you have coming down the pipe and I look forward to it!

    1. Hey Glenn- That sounds like an interesting class. I’m glad you’ll be following along as I work on these posts. I have a general idea of the direction I’m going…I’ll be drawing on all the reading and studying I’ve done in the past…My interest in spirituality and the self has been lifelong.

      I’m distilling all of the ideas and thoughts I’ve held on to and trying to get them on the page- or monitor, in this case. It’s a bigger challenge than I expected, but I’m enjoying it.

  3. jjwalters · · Reply

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    1. jjwalters · · Reply

      sorry Doug I meant to do the guy below you . . . 🙂

      1. That brings up an odd mental image Jim!

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