What Is Your Calling?



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  2. I agree.
    Passion –> Calling –> Destiny.
    You think about the things you love, that you are passionate about. That leads you to find that thing you can’t NOT do, and then doing that thing to help others completes the circle of your destiny. So many people say, “I don’t know what I want to do with my life.” “I don’t know what I want.” Well…do anything! Do anything that feels good, and in doing so you’ll encounter things you like, and things you don’t like, things you love, and things you don’t love. That’s the beauty of all the things in life we don’t like… they show us what we do want.

    1. Exactly. We have to know the bad to appreciate the good.

  3. I think not all people are blessed to find their calling. Only few people are lucky to know their ‘raison d’etre,’ and only few people have the guts to keep looking for the things that will make them happy. Many people are bound by fear of change and taking risks. They don’t want to leave their comfort zone.

    1. I agree. Fear keeps most people stuck in their rut. Complaining is easier than changing.

      1. True! Taking that first step to change is very challenging… I’ve been scared many times but i just tell myself that NOT CHANGING anything is far worst than trying and failing.

  4. I’ve found my calling(s), and I am very grateful for that. I’m curious, though: what’s Doug’s calling?

    1. Doug is content being a stuffed monkey… He can lay in bed all day, doesn’t have to worry about bills and doesn’t cook. It’s a pretty good setup for him.

  5. quarksires calling ,”ah but to fly” what else 🙂 an love 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/user/quarksire

  6. Has to be writing….and I´m not that good at it, so what screwed up calling I picked!

    1. That’s why we all practice!

  7. Love this! If only we all had the courage to follow our passions. How many of us stand on a precipice teetering wondering what if? I’m standing there now, and it’s terrifying to take that leap. I just keep reminding myself of how great it felt to finally jump off the high diving board as a kid. To surface with a smile, bliss.

    1. I think everyone stands there,and most never leap. I find that to be sad in a way… I don’t want to be at the end of my life, wondering what could have been…

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