MMM… I Smell Roasting Chicken.

Electricity is really just organized lightning.~ George Carlin

Hi! I'm Doug and I think I know everything!

Hi! I’m Doug and I think I know everything!

It’s been cold here in Florida, dipping below the freezing point at night. Our six chickens sleep in a pen I built in an outbuilding on our property.

On cold nights I go out and plug in a little heater for them…

Last night it was cold, so out I went to fire up the heater.

For whatever reason, last night is when the electrical outlet decided to spark and smoke… And stop performing the only function in life it’s responsible for… Providing electricity.

Luckily, the shed didn’t burn down and cook our chickens. So, I cut the power to the shed and waited for morning to go work on it.

This wouldn’t be a big problem,except whoever wired our house and sheds wasn’t quite a master electrician… So the power for our well pump is tied directly to the very outlet that shorted out… No water… Cold and dark… No showers for the wife and daughter in the morning.

Burning monkey fur smells horrible...

Burning monkey fur smells horrible…

Doug thinks he knows everything. As I was heading to the shed to see how to fix the problem, I heard a pop and a sizzle, and saw a bright flash in the shed.

I found Doug smoldering on the floor… After putting him out and reviving him, I asked what happened.

He said he thought he would replace the outlet on his own.

I explained to Doug that before working on anything electrical, it’s best to make sure ALL power is cut so you don’t have an accident, or in his case, catch on fire.

I removed the old outlet and saw that it had caught on fire and melted… Not good, but again, at least there weren’t any cooked chickens… Just a cooked monkey.

I replaced the outlet, made sure all connections were tight and turned on the power.

The source of Doug's undoing.

The source of Doug’s undoing.

Yay! It works, we have water and the chickens live on  to lay eggs for our breakfasts.

Now, I need to sew Doug’s arm back on and get going on what else needs to be done today…

Hmm… Chicken does sound good for lunch…


  1. Doug seems like a go-getter, too bad about the electrocution thing.

    1. He certainly is… Maybe this will teach him caution though… He needs a bit more of it.

  2. Poor Doug! Will he need a fur graft? Love your writing!

    1. Thanks! No, The bald spots give Doug more character.

  3. Get well soon Doug!

    1. He’s fine, just a little scorched.

  4. Poor Monkey. Get well soon!

    1. Now I have to teach him not to put forks in toasters…

  5. Doug is an innovator – he will stop at NOTHING ! 🙂

    1. One of his strengths…

  6. jjwalters · · Reply

    Doug . . . doesn’t sound too good, if I was you I would do an overall electrical inspection of the whole house. . . . I am a retired builder and have seen many horrible wire jobs done by home owners . . . be safe . . .

    1. We have Jim. We’ve been working on fixing the house but the shed remains in the same condition as when we bought it… My Father is a retired builder as well and we’ve managed to take care of the big issues.

  7. Lorraine · · Reply

    How old is Doug anyway? Much too young to play with wiring! LOL

    1. I’m not sure how old Doug is… some days he acts 100 and some days he acts 2. He’ll never be old enough to trust with wiring… or anything else dangerous.

  8. Don’t feel bad Doug, just remember this: The Roman Emperor Caligula once waged war on Poseidon. He had his army march to the beach and told them to start stabbing the water.

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