Creating Reality Through Imagination.

Appearance is something absolute, but reality is not that way – everything is interdependent, not absolute.~Dalai Lama

Refresh your imagination
At least he's not pink and spiky... yet!

At least he’s not pink and spiky… yet!

Sight is the sense that we most often rely upon to interact with reality. When we’re told to imagine something we automatically create a mental image of the object.

Try it… Think about TREE… Chances are you created an image in your mind of an actual tree that exists near where you live…

You probably didn’t imagine the feel of the bark or the smell of the leaves… You created a visual representation in your mind.

It’s important to get comfortable with our mental images and to learn how to control them.

Colors play an important role in how something is perceived. Green can be anything from the putrid stagnant water in a swamp to the vibrant, brand new grass that shoots up in Spring.

When creating images in your mind, do you use fresh pure colors or muddy, greyed down colors?

Be conscious of your thoughts. If you imagine in dark, brooding colors, this will impact your thoughts and feelings. The following exercise will help illustrate how this works:


Choose an object that is nearby, that is within sight. Examine the object closely, touch it, feel how heavy it is.

Now, close your eyes and create the object in your imagination. Make it as detailed as possible… Is it cool or warm? Heavy or light? Soft or firm? How does it smell? Is it reflective?

Create the image and hold it in your mind for a bit… Really get to know it in your imagination.

Examine each part of the object in detail. What does it remind you of? Does it resemble a stone or a branch? In your mind, change each part of the object into something else. Make a cup handle a rough stick…. Imagine something that is smooth having fur like a bear. Work to actually see, feel and smell these changes in your mind.

Now change the colors of the object. Is it a subdued yellow? Make it brighter… Is it white? Make it black.

Notice how the changes in color and texture change the mood of the object. Something rough and dark seems moreominus than something smooth and light.

Be aware and practice

Color impacts our perception more than we realize. This is an important lesson to remember when we use our imagination and begin to visualize our true selves and the life we wish to live.

Colors range from black to white… Try using lighter, higher vibration tones when visualizing. It’s a sure way to bring more positivity into your imaginings.

Positive thought is a powerful force. Why not think with brightness and clarity, instead of using the dark and muddy? Sure, yellow is yellow, but buttercups and phlegm are at different ends of the spectrum… See, you imagined both! Gross! Now you realize how potent your imagination is… Strive for the buttercups in all of your thoughts…

Next- Relax!


  1. Great piece!

  2. Have you heard of chromotherapy, or graphochromotherapy? you have come very close to describing these sorts of therapies and techniques verbatim. Very good article

    1. I haven’t heard of it, or at least I don’t remember… I’ve read a lot of stuff over the years though. I’ll look it up…

  3. Reblogged this on People of the Universe and commented:
    If positive energy is the question, bright colors may very well be the answer.

  4. Life is full of paradoxes. Shiny, smooth surfaces are easier to keep clean, but show more dust. On the other hand, rougher surfaces, such as wood chip are less pleasing on the eye, but conceal a multitude of sins. Texture, touch, taste, smell, these are all useful tools for any artist/philosopher to draw upon. I’m grateful to have them. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Katie- I learned to appreciate texture as a sculptor… It’s important to use all senses instead of relying primarily on sight, which is how we function most of the time.

  5. Neurologically speaking, the imagination fires the same nureons that fire as when that action is practiced in reality. I pick up a ball, neurons fire…I imagine picking up the ball, the same neurons fire. When we imagine, we do so with all the neurological support of reality itself. When we read fiction we don’t just imagine it, we experience it as if it were actually happening. This is why it’s so traumatising finishing a good book. Nice article 😛

    1. Exactly. Imagine the life you want, live it in your mind and get used to how it feels. It will be much easier to bring it into reality that way.

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