Buzzloving Is NOT Associated WIth Doug!

It was brought to my attention that is sending out e-mails titled “Proposal to collaborate with”. I am NOT associated with this company. I suspect they are going through comments on blogs and fishing for contact information to spam the commenters with…

I didn’t send out these e-mails, and I didn’t authorize this company to use my name. Don’t contact them… If they use these illegal tactics they can’t be trustworthy.

I’m writing them as soon as I post this to tell them to stop using my name…


John and Doug


  1. The swines!! Doug is as Doug does…ergo Doug is not as Buzz does 🙂

  2. I’ve received Twitter messages and an e-mail stating that there was a mix-up on their, Buzzloving’s end and that there was no intention of misleading others. Make of it what you will… I’m just providing the additional information that I’ve received.

  3. Hi Doug, we have also had one of our author friends being contacted via e-mail asking if they can collaborate with us. I hope they don’t bother you or your followers again. I will write a small post warning our followers and if I hear any more I think I’ll contact them too! Caroline, A Reader’s Review Blog 🙂

    1. Hi Caroline- Thanks for the heads up. Their explanation to me was it was a mix up with e-mail,and they meant to contact me about collaborating with them… Now I don’t believe it because it sounds like they did the same exact thing with you…

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