Be Unique.



  1. Being unique shouldn’t be an issue. The mold was broken and the mold-maker beaten for crimes against humanity.

    1. I understand what you mean! I’m sure I know people who feel the same way about me…

  2. This is good. Too many people out there trying to be clones of someone else.

    1. I agree…I wish for everyone that they find the strength to be themselves…

  3. Excellent.. I was told many times I was different, and I loved to listen to it every time… Yes, we must be as original as we can and be ourselves, we only have one chance as we know it, and even if we will have more chances, lets just focus in this one, here and now…x

  4. I agree. We need to embrace our uniqueness, not hide it.
    I love the way Oscar Wilde expresses it….Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

    1. Yes we do… We all need to be the best ourselves we can be.

  5. is this an original piece? I want to know where credit is due, if I pass it on. Peace.

    1. I didn’t create it, no. It was found on Facebook, where it was shared and re-shared, and finding the original creator is impossible… At least in my experience. That’s why I only post things like this that have the author of the quote cited… At least they get the credit they deserve.

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