What Do You Do With Five Cats?

Anyone who believes what a cat tells him deserves all he gets.~Neil Gaiman, Stardust

Today was spent getting the rest of my daughter’s stuff from her old home and moving it here… This included another cat… Which makes five.

She brought one with her last weekend and today the other calls our house home.

Doug had some alternative ideas concerning what to do with five cats.

Doug had some alternative ideas concerning what to do with five cats.

Doug took the news of another cat living with us better than I expected. He didn’t say much, and then disappeared into my bedroom.

Any time Doug is quiet I get suspicious. I found him on My Kindle, surfing around via Google.

I wasn’t concerned until he asked me what goes well with a cat. Confused, I asked what he meant… I thought he meant other animals and how they get along.

“Red or white?” he asked…

“Huh?” was my reply…

“Wine. What’s best with cat? Red or white?”

Doug isn’t allowed to use the internet unsupervised anymore… And he isn’t allowed to be in the kitchen with the cats either.

Sometimes, I don’t know where that monkey is coming from…



  1. The answer is obviously red. Where did Doug grow up, in a barn? I hope he’s not mad at me for saying that (he looks quite annoyed in that photo).

    1. I would say red as well, but I didn’t tell him that… he doesn’t need encouragement!

      1. It sounds like Doug has impulse control problems. (Don’t tell him I said that.)

  2. As long as there’s Doug, I don’t need therapy. Thank you!

  3. spartacus2030 · · Reply

    If he would eat a cat, what else is he capable of… You could be in a dangerous situation! Most serial killers start with animals, and then work their way up to humans. Have you considered finding him assistance?

    1. In some cultures cat is a standard menu item. I’m not sure where Doug is from, so he may not be as unbalanced at we think… He may just be a foodie.

  4. boobooda7 · · Reply

    Bad monkey Doug. Bad monkey.

    1. And he knows it!

  5. Thanks for the chuckles. When my soul mate found me again, he brought 3 dogs with him to add to my two. My youngest step dog, Doodle, is a seven year old Coon hound, who is a compulsive over-eater. She just figured out how to open the refrigerator. Learn to love the adventure!

    1. It’s working out fine. 4 of the 5 will be indoor/outdoor cats, so it won’t be like a living fur rug on the floor at all times. Good thing I like cats, but not with hot sauce, like Doug…

  6. Doug does look a little grumpy in that photo!

    1. He was having trouble finding a recipe that suited him…

  7. hkate248 · · Reply

    We also have 5 cats in our house (I have 2 and my roommate brought 3 with her when she moved in). Needless to say, it’s a little crowded sometimes. Good luck with your new cat adventure! 🙂

    Also, tell Doug he should start using this to his advantage instead of resisting it. He can use the cats as modes of transportation around the house, train them to bring him things, pretty much do all his bidding. If he plays his cards right he could have 5 servants – fanning him with their tails, carrying him around on their backs, bringing him bananas – this really could work out well for him. 😉

    1. Doug tried to ride my male Maine Coon once… I had to sew his arm back on. I’ll mention the other ideas you present though. Doug is all about being waited on.

  8. Lorraine · · Reply

    Here’s what you do with 5 cats.. You have at least 2 kitty litter pans and you clean them everyday! LOL

    1. Exactly what I told my daughter!

  9. Be wary of correspondence with Alf.

    1. I haven’t thought about ALF in years! Or, maybe my post was subconsciously inspired by him… Curse you, bad 80s TV!

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